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  • Citrio has a good overall concept but has some problems


  • does the job of video downloading


  • didnt find yet


  • it is difficult to uninstall (Windows 10 Pro, with chrome installed)
    // uninstaller just hangs with no ram usage

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That is my initial dig in
but after malwarebytes flagging and additional investigation is made, some disturbing results from my end and from here

Reference: pup.optional.catalina

The DTA Chrome alternative

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Citrio can greatly speed up downloads. The experience is similar to the DownThemAll! add-on for Firefox. Unfortunately, Chrome has no such options. Citrio is a nice browser for downloads.


Good browser

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A nice Chromium browser. Looks just like Chrome, but has some new features. Torrent downloading is very convenient, so there's no need in uTorrent anymore. Had Ask as a default search engine, but I've changed it to Google from the Settings.


Doesn't work well with me

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Crashes when using the torrent downloader