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A light and handy note taking app

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I use CintaNotes for about a year now and here's what I love about it:

  • It's lightweight

    Comparing to other bloatware like Evernote, Cinta's resource consumption is vanishingly small. Its installer is less than 3M and memory usage is about 13M.
    (Maybe that's an old-fashioned way of thinking but seriously, 82M for an Evernote's 5.3.1 installer?!!! This is just ridiculous.)

    It has a portable version.

    Also, Cinta's GUI is very clean and intuitive.

  • It's straight to the point

    Cinta is for taking notes. Not for saving pages, watching videos, chatting with friends, teamwork, etc. Just notes. It's ideal for storing code snippets, system commands, setup instructions, etc. It supports text-formatting for greater readability. It doesn't require Internet connection at all if you don't want synchronization.

  • It stores all necessary meta

    Besides the content itself Cinta stores the user-defined tags, URL of the page the note was clipped from (if any), user remarks and note modification date/time.

  • It's easy to use

    Notes are organized via tags which allow quick access to the ones on topic via a sidebar. Tags can also be nested (in paid version). Moreover, Cinta has a powerful search-as-you-type search that can find notes based on any field like text itself, title, tags, time, URL, etc.
    Cinta has hotkeys for almost everything (clip text, show/hide main window, create note, move through note's fields, etc.)

  • It's in active development

    Cinta has an open public roadmap where you can place your feature requests, suggestions, bug reports and questions. There's quite a big community so your message won't be ignored.

    Also, you can check out what features are being developed and what's planned next. Currently among them are file and image attachments, search and replace inside note text, docking to screen edges, TODO list support, etc.

  • You can use it for free

    Unless you want some extra features like multiple notebooks, nested tags, Simplenote sync, HTML export, etc. you can use it completely for free for an unlimited time.

Though there are some missing functions like image attachments but otherwise IMO there are no downsides to this app. It's always in my system tray and I really use it on a daily basis. So if you are looking for a light and easy to use note app I do recommend at least to have a try with Cinta.


Fast, Compact, Simple to use.

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I downloaded this tool out of curiosity three years ago, and grow fond of it very fast. And now I'm spoiled.
Cintanotes makes everything simple, while other alternatives seems to make things difficult.

  • it's FAST - beside the standard installer, developer offers portable offline version which is small ( ~7mb ) and loads very quickly even on 2gb ram computer. No resource hog, no slow loading times. The UI adapts to OS theme, which I believe makes it very fast and has no ghost effects (damn you, spotify)

  • fast, no bloatware features

  • it's COMPACT - despite having simple interface, it provides many features to manage and keep lots of text clean and well arranged without tedious work. What I like most are the Sections, which allow to have each subject separately, but still keep them in one file. Also, each section can have it's own color. Everything can be set up from options dropdown menu. No unnecessary dialog windows.

  • very efficient UI, no bloatware "skins"

  • it's SIMPLE - Features such as Tag Sidebar and realtime Search Panel are intuitive and neatly done. Note editor offers many features such as standard text formatting, find&replace, indents, timestamps, links, remarks, text alignment, word counter, file attachments (duh!), and so on.
    Key shortcuts allows to quickly copy pages and automatically save them as notes.

  • well-arranged editor to work with

    + BONUS - 99% of it's features are free. Only the advanced ones such as export, embedded links, online synchronization, password protection, file attachments and autotag rules are in paid version.

10/10 would discover again in 2014.


The best tool for students

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As a student and writer, I am forced to collect huge amounts of notes. With CintaNotes I finally order my notes.

CintaNotes is the ideal tool for collecting notes. Using the tabs, you can easily separate the work from education and home affairs. The program has an automatic backup and synchronize with

Simplenote.com, so you do not have to fear for your persistence notes. Security can be enhanced by a password.

Tags allow you to easily classify notes, and attachments never SAND not misplaced important documents.

Today learn a simple keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + F12" because it will be your future, making notes.
No more rewriting. Select any text in your web browser and you click CTRL + F12 and your note is ready before you can blink.

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Fast and Powerful, awesome tool for note-taking!

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  • It's very fast compared to other note-taking apps, you just need a key stroke to have your thought archived, I hate to wait.
  • Very clean, what I need is taking note, no complicated formatting needed.
  • Instant search, get whatever you want as you type.
  • Synchronize through Simplenote, access your notes with Android devices.


  • No mobile app, really urge for the official android app :)

Anyway, it's really a great app for me since it almost meet all my needs!

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Refreshingly and productively simple

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Recently I have gotten tired of all the bloat I find in note taking software, namely evernote and onenote. At first they promise to be helpful, but both have very heavy footprints and are burdened down with feature and feature and feature. I'd like to enter notes, please. I don't care about webclipping to cookbooks or whatever.

CintaNotes is one that I have been using (free version) for six months. It is far superior to the bloatware in this regard:

  1. It's fast! Loads fast, wakes up fast, closes fast.
  2. I can use the escape key to drop it to the tray.
  3. It focuses on plain text. I am really a big fan of plain text for note taking.
  4. It uses a clear tag system with simple tag selection.
  5. Tabbed headers allow you to super categorize your data.
  6. And though I've not had an exchange with the dev, he seems genuinely responsive and without throwing too much in. He sticks to his mission - keep it simple.
  7. And - it's been continually updated, some times monthly, for years.

I'm thrilled that it now has Simplenote connectivity, which means I can access all of my data online or via phone or tablet.




Best out of cloud notes program by far

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I've been looking forever for a notes manager that is decent and at the same time doesn't force me to sent my data through a cloud service with dubios privacy practice. This wasn't an easy task. Until some time ago i took another swing at the alternatives list here and finally found CintaNotes... and never looked back.

It's no-nonsense, sleek, pretty and covers all the basics.. plus my favourites:

  • category tabs with different colors
  • portable
  • use different note-databases
  • constant development and improvements
  • database-backups
  • display fonts changeable + simple text formatting in notes

In the pro version you can even have your own mobile sync, if you wish for cloud functions.
It's pretty perfect without being overbearing like OneNote or cloud-mining your private data like much the rest.


Powerful, versatile, and easy to use

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CintaNotes is a personal notes manager. Notes are split into sections and organized by tags. I use it for writing down remarks about people I know, ideas I get, traveling experience I've had, research on certain topics, cooking recipes,...


  • Very clean, lean and efficient UI - but offering quite a lot of functionality at the same time! The interface is really awesome and is the main reason I chose this app, actually.
  • Supports a subset of rich text capabilities (fonts, highlight markers).
  • Powerful search
  • Offline app (=fast, always there) with a paid synchronization over Simplenote (=accessible from web, possible to use CintaNotes on multiple computers).
  • Active development and growing number of features, while still keeping an easy to use interface.
  • Interface is not spoiled by todo-list functionality (reminders,etc)


  • No note revision history
  • No pictures

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Excellent lightweight alternative to Evernote!

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The devs of this 'newcomer' have been working hard at improving this program.
They are open to suggestions of which quite a few have already been implemented over the past year.

I would advise Linux users to subscribe and give their opinions here:


Hassle Free Awesome Note Taking Application - Get it!

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CintaNotes is a software application I have been using since its creation. I am a big fan. I have regularly updated it and watched new features added with each use new release. I use a plethora of notes software from the simple e.g. Stickies to the complex e.g. Task Coach but CintaNotes has always been a mainstay as other apps have been installed and uninstalled from the computers I use. CintaNotes allows quick and easy creation of notes as well as categorization, tagging and searching of those notes and this is just the beginning! Better still it is a small program with minimal memory/resource use and it's portable! I really cannot recommend it enough. Once you get and use it you will wonder how you lived without it - check it out here - http://cintanotes.com/

None! There are no cons to mention!


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Just simple, light weight, portable, the best, rules for categories and tags, etc
Please work on your price you have a world wide market
$/£5 x 1 million = £/$ 5m i could live on that...

Also when are you going to create a mobile version??


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This is a very good software!
The features/features that individuals prefer are as follows:

** When there is any information I want to keep, press the shortcut key to enter directly, the speed is very fast! (CyberArticle is also used at the same time; Evernotes is too cardged and out of shape)
** The tag is fully functional, which is a must for the future world. . . The query is very fast. . . Click on the tag directly to quickly filter. . .
** Ctrl+M merges the selected notes, which is very convenient;
** The latest notes are at the top;
** With hourly/dayly/weekly backup, safe and intimate.
At present, there are more than 3,000 nodes of all sizes, and the query speed is still very fast.


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One of the most simple and fast ways to keep notes especially for people that write tons of notes. The implementation of the tag management and modifying is probably one of the best I've seen.

Note that some of the advertised features like hierarchical tags are actually for the paid product but personally I haven't needed them.

Because it works with everything being saved as a single file it's simple to keep backups, share or have multiple databases.

As a plus it can sync with Simplenote.com so you can have notes synced in multiple devices even if you don't use things such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

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Very lean KM (Knowledge Management) app with responsive developer. Synchronizes with Simplenote, captures web pages, and has hierarchical tagging. (Now, we need icons / emoticons and flags with colors!)


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simple, Clean,Neat,No bloatware and SMART