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Google Chrome OS Reviews

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Eh, in my high school days we were given a bunch of Chromebooks to use for certain assignments. If you're firmly on the Google plantation and enjoy using their products, Google Chrome OS may be just right for you. Its focus on a cloud-based experience (or whatever that is called) may appeal to some people. It didn't appeal to me, though. I find it difficult to justify getting Google Chrome OS when any other computer can run Google Chrome as well. Is it the increased integration? Perhaps, but then you could tinker around with a Linux distro to do that.


Just not really an OS

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Just a bit of a gripe, But it is not an OS really neither is the Chrome OS. I have never used it, But I can see it not being an OS for most people. But I can really see it shining for those who just want to browse, For me I prefer Ubuntu or any of the Ubuntu flavours


I agree very much, Its probably for the less than average user I guess. I get the conecept & it is not necessarily a bad one. Not for me either, I don't like using much of google's stuff anyways.