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open-source and secure - great!

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I'm using this new open-source messaging client by the GuardianProject for a few weeks now and it works great! You can couple it with the Tor network Proxy Orbot (by the same authors) to have a fully open-source and anonymous communication suite on your Android device.
(There's a tiny issue with Orbot though: To close it, I have to go in the app list and kill it, because after successfully establishing a connection to the Tor network, its UI is broken and keeps flashing as if it is redrawing the UI a couple of times every second... but doesn't affect functionality)

Don't forget to always manually establish a secure/private connection before chatting!

Tested it with PC (Linux and Win) users of Pidgin (Don't forget to install the OTR (Off-The-Record) Plugin for Pidgin!) and Adium for MacOS. iPhone users can use ChatSecure, but the connection won't be over Tor, so iPhone users loose meta data anonymity... (I.e., the chat itself will be encrypted, but the facts that you're chatting and how often and when you receive a msg will theoretically be detectable.)

Take that PRISM ;)


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Multi Platform, FOSS IM encrypted, OTR, with full TOR support. Highly Recommend!