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We were struggling with an EHR that was advertised as being flexible and very custimizable but wasn't really working and crashed often. We looked at all the usual options for a new EHR but weren't really happy about any of them. The Doctors didn't like how all of them seemed to put the biller first and the patient second. It was difficult for them to think about how we would really take care of our patients. The founders of the practice wanted to be able to pull statistics out of the EHR and everyone wanted to be able to make it work the "BowTie Way", and they all wanted integrated telehealth. Charm has given us all we asked for. It's easy to use and easy to adjust and doesn't break the bank. The patient portal is fabulous. The telehealth is more than we had hoped for. The billing module is easy to use and lets me keep track of things really well, and it never crashes. Everyone seems to be happy with Charm. The only drawback is I can list is the calendar. We have 3 facilities and practitoners move between them. In Charm, each facility has it's own calendar. It would be easier if the calendar was all one, but it's easy enough to work with and all in all, it's a minor inconvienience.