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Cerberus Reviews

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What happened to Cerberus? It used to be THE BEST app to find your smartphone, but now no support and they seem to have erased old accounts of old customers like me. I own a genuine lifetime licence (purchased at Google Play when Cerberus was sold there) and they granted me they would honor it after changing Cerberus to monthly/yearly payments. I feel left behind and gotta say Cerberus becomes AN UNRELIABLE app.


Pretty nerdy stuff

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I love how you can install Cerberus on the system partition if you have root access. Nobody can just uninstall that.

However, the web front end is a bit cludgy and connection to the device is a bit slow. And it only works via C2DM not via SMS.

Love it though. It's simplistic, but does not disappoint.

MCAfee WaveSecure is the other one I tried. It's a bit of a monster, and has a few really useless features. But it also offers more (for a price).