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beware of adware/malware

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The discussion forum on CDex's sourceforge page has been removed altogether, but in the list of project activity you can still see people complaining about malware.

Here's the virustotal scan of 1.77 portable: link, and here's 1.78, which isn't even on sourceforge, but rather on the site sourceforge lists as an "official website", link

It is a pity that Audacity's wiki still recommends CDex for importing data from CDs.

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2 settings to personalise the ripping, 3 clics, and it's done!


Try CDex Portable to avoid the bundleware/adware

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I have found CDex to still be very good, but by opting for the portable version as opposed to the full installation (which is the one with the bundleware/adware).

You can find it on with all the instructions on how to get it working as a portable app:

Enjoy! :)


Goodbye to a once decent CD ripper

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I'm [still] on Windows 7 while Win 10 is already knocking on my door. I haven't ripped my CDs for a long time so I didn't know that CDex is already at version 1.7x. This latest version from their homepage had problem seeing ASPI driver located in its own directory - and didn't want to use the native drivers. I used external CD/DVD combo USB drive by the way.

So I tried the good old version 1.51 of CDex that always worked fine in my WinXP days (it also worked fine on Xubuntu Linux via Wine). It ripped a CD no problem. Though I'm aware that using old version of software on a Windows system is not that safe. That's why I'll stick to ripping my CDs in Foobar player from now on.

So my opinion is still positive, but I'd recommend ExactAudioCopy [EAC] or Foobar built in function instead - if you have the ASPI problem.

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Have you tried CDex 1.80 release, my friend?