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2 settings to personalise the ripping, 3 clics, and it's done!


Goodbye to a once decent CD ripper

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I'm [still] on Windows 7 while Win 10 is already knocking on my door. I haven't ripped my CDs for a long time so I didn't know that CDex is already at version 1.7x. This latest version from their homepage had problem seeing ASPI driver located in its own directory - and didn't want to use the native drivers. I used external CD/DVD combo USB drive by the way.

So I tried the good old version 1.51 of CDex that always worked fine in my WinXP days (it also worked fine on Xubuntu Linux via Wine). It ripped a CD no problem. Though I'm aware that using old version of software on a Windows system is not that safe. That's why I'll stick to ripping my CDs in Foobar player from now on.

So my opinion is still positive, but I'd recommend ExactAudioCopy [EAC] or Foobar built in function instead - if you have the ASPI problem.

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Have you tried CDex 1.80 release, my friend?