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An Unhappy Carbonite Subscriber

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Carbonite is garbage. Good thing you're smart enough to be here looking for ALTERNATIVES!

Still reading? Ok; I've spend hundreds of dollars over the past couple of years only to find out that...

  1. My backups were sporadically failing for no reason
  2. This wasn't being reported to me
  3. When I did find out it was too late but I attempted to restore a few files. Turns out that you can only restore 1000 files at a time and you cannot restore by file mask (IE: the most critical files to be restored were the *.XLS Excel files.... had to weed them out of 1000 file restores.
  4. Technical "support" is useless and very slow to respond. I get the feeling like they are going through the motions (reading from the FAQ that I had read 5 times before contacting support) and nothing more.

Garbage. Save your money and look elsewhere.

No, Dropbox is good (for other purposes) but it isn't an alternative.

[Edited by BadTim, October 22]

[Edited by BadTim, October 22]