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A design program for all

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Canva is the answer for those who need to design something quickly and throw something together without a hassle. It is extremely easy to use and design a variety of things, be it brochures, logos, images or even business cards. Unlike other graphic design programs out there, this one requires very little learning - which makes it a winner in my book. It's beauty lies in stripping all the complex tools and instructions to making something even a child in kindergarten can use.



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Canva is very useful for creating quick creations I would not use it as my primary but very useful I would recommend it for people that don't know how to use Photoshop or gimp. Very quick and easy design

Easy to use design
Upload images and keeps the images for next time
Supports PNG,JPG,etc
Download in PNG,JPG and PDF
Premade Templates and Layouts
Fast Design

Server can sometimes crash and the edits that are not saved will be lost
You have to pay for Canva's Stock photos unless you want a watermark
Some features not available in the free version

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I'm a graphic designer, and when I didn't have access to Adobe CC, this was a great alternative for simple projects.

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I like Canva because it is fairly simple to use. But, it is a bit limited too and I don't like that some of the free features were taken out.