Campfire Pro Reviews

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Laughably bad for the price, and all the fancy stuff, endless buttons, and questionable layout will just bog you down and get in your way.

Grab any decent outliner: [Below are 1.5 paid and 2.5 free options for outliners.]

  • RightNote [Like a modern maintained version of Keynote, but the free version lacks proper richtext support.]

  • Keynote [If you don't need modern it's pretty amazing.]

  • EssentialPIM [With all modules turned off other then notes, this is my personal favorite writing tool at the moment, especially as the free version is all you need for writing unless you really want to encrypt your writing.]

  • Cherry Tree [I don't like it, but I have friends who love it.]

Spend an hour making some basic personalized templates for your writing style and be 1,000x better off.