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Like Firefox and Safari

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Although I really like Firefox, and Safari isn't bad either, any of these or other Mac browsers have "gained my respect".

Camino is the only Mac native browser that is comfortable and nice enough for me, and still keeping highly stable and light-weight.

However, I miss some of the features I had with other browsers, most of all with Firefox extensions:

  • Tab-bar on the left and tab previews (OmniWeb, Shiira)
  • Tree-style tabs (Firefox extension)
  • Saving web page to a single file (Safari's .webarchive or Firefox's MHT extension).
  • Full-screen browsing (Shiira)

This comment is based on Camino 1.6.7, which is the version of Camino I'm currently using; it may have some of these features in future versions.

Anyway, Camino is the only browser I love using on my Mac, especially for it being stable, light-weight and Mac-native.