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Excellent games, SLOW server

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Very good free games, lots of them, visual-spatial, requires decent functioning mouse but otherwise rather straightforward, most commonplace laptops can play them fine. Your scores are tracked according to your (free) log-in credentials, and the system nicely graphs how your score compares to both (a) the game-playing population as a whole and to (b) your historical performance at that particular game.

But WOW the server is slow. Sometimes just totally times out for minutes at a time. Most games are flash-shockwave type app-lets, so it's no problem WITHIN a given game, but moving FROM one game to the next, or looking at your scores, you'd think the hamsters running in the Cambridge treadmill had gone on strike again. Oh, and it's not from a Cambridge ENGLAND professor, though they do link to the UK institution. It's from a University of Western Ontario professor, "Based on the pioneering work of Dr. Adrian Owen, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging (www.owenlab.uwo.ca )."

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