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Basically useless

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This software forces you to copy your entire ebook collection into a single directory. The developers aren't willing to consider anything else. Additionally, it doesn't modify the original files. So literally, this software will — without confirming with the user — duplicate your entire reading collection.

I've used the application for a number of years now and am abandoning it for good now. Can't believe this software won't let you manage a collection manually. I don't know about other users, but my reading collection contains both fiction and educational material, which I've spent a great deal of time organizing to be accessible. I'd love to use this application but it's just not possible unless you want to mix EVERYTHING you have into one folder. Yet another application that could be 100x better with little to no change but wont because the developers are religiously bound to a flawed approach to ebook management.

I recommend using another application called Blio for personal reading needs. It also has a flawed approach to file management, but it makes up for the fact with looks.


I fully agree with you! I spent a lot of time to THINK about the best way to organize books even before using any e-book management software. I concluded that due to the following reasons:

  1. Lack of dedicated ISBN number filed in metadata in official standards for all the popular e-book file formats (PDF, CHM, DJVU, EPUB) I am forced to use file name as a ISBN storage. If popular e-book file formats did have dedicated ISBN number in that case ISBN number for my e-books would be inserted into book files (and then extracted easily with any e-book management software) and in that case I wouldn't care if Calibre or any other e-book management software insists on its own naming scheme. The essential point here is -> I cannot trust a buggy SW to control the connection between file names and ISBN numbers for my book collections!

  2. Performance hit when Calibre accepts a large number of new books (e.g. >100). Since Calibre insists on controlling book files it hits performance wall when it has to ask operating system's File System to check for name collisions for every file and directory created. I am using another e-book management software which does not care how the file will be named (in fact it relies on the fact that the book files already exist somewhere so there is no performance hit). Importing 500 book files in Calibre is extremely SLOW especially if your e-book collection is large. On the other hand importing 500 books in the SW I am using right now is almost instantly (however that SW is poor in search capabilities which is a strong feature of Calibre).

Normally I would use Calibre but due to its deep reliance on its file/folder naming control (which is deeply rooted in its architecture) I am forced to use a weaker SW... Too bad!

You just have to accept that the manager, manages your ebook collection for you. That's it. Simple!

Great app!

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From my point of view this is the best app for managing e-book library. Very simple interface and great functionality! good job



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Calibre has a lot of features, does a reasonably good job of importing metadata and book covers, but is so slow and unresponsive to the point of being quite useless. This is on a quadcore i7 4gb of ram on Ubuntu 11.10. It was slow with just a few books, but by the time I added a hundred it became practically unresponsive, and actually opening an ebook from within the software takes far too long.

It's a pity that there are few alternatives, I will try using Mendeley instead.


Calibre is a good piece of software. And contrary to the opinion above very responsive. The only issue (from my point of view) is that when adding books to the library, the books are COPIED to a Calibe Library Folder. It is not possible to stay on your former folder structure.
I see no reason why the database could not work with a user defined folder structure.

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Calibre is primarily a powerful ebook organizer and secondarily a viewer. For smaller epub and mobi files I find that Calibre works well enough even if the internal reader is simple. I suggest users setup Calibre to view PDF files in either Okular (linux) or SumatraPDF. The internal reader tends to be slow or occasionally crash with larger or unusual files regardless of ebook format.

You should take note of where Calibre is storing it's ebooks (Calibre Library icon > first line of text will contain your folder/path). From here add this path to a backup program so that you don't lose all the work you will eventually put into Calibre.

Calibre is incredibly good software and updated often. I have donated to the project twice and recommend others do so as well. $5 (or less) goes a long way towards helping the creators of open source software.

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Simple cross-platform e-book library software providing great conversion options and document viewer. Excellent solution for whoever desires to remain independent of a single e-book reseller. Also manages administering device-bound files, which can be still opened after removal from and reupload to said device.

It can be buggy nevertheless, and a self-update solution would be greatly appreciated.

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The best personal library/collector/organizer for my books. Free + Open Source.


Calibre - Powerful and Free

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I like Calibre. I have used it for some time now mostly on a Linux Desktop but also on WinXP systems to connect with my Kindle Touch and Kindle v4 (when I can find it) and originally with my Kindle Keyboard v3 (until it did a Humpty Dumpty). For free software it is amazing and reasonably fast. It can find and connect to a variety of devices, it can format, convert between formats, and display books for each device, it allows downloads of ebook magazines from the internet directly to your device - my current favorites are Reader Digest, PC Magazine and local newspapers .. and sync's the documents between all my eReader devices .. Yes the GUI is a little dated looking. Yes, the external internet links occassionally get out of date and can be slow to connect to, but that is no fault of Calibre. Meanwhile, it works and lets me find and read 'all that stuff' on my devices. Extensive Help documentation available in ebook download or online at .. Sweet and very recommended.


Calibre is the best

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I don't know how people with an ereader could survive without this software.

It is amazing, I love it!!


Hands down the best eBook manager out there.

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I've been using calibre for about a month now (since I got my Kindle). It does an amazing job of organizing and converting eBooks. It even tightly integrates with my Kindle (organizes collections, converts for reading on Kindle). No e-reader owner should be without calibre.

Oh, and don't forget to donate when you fall in love with it.



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I usually don't write review (too lazy) but after reading the last review, I felt that I had to write this.
Firstly, I admit that Calibre is slower than other native program (Calibre is developed mostly in python) but it is a very active project ( there is new code written almost everyday and new release every Friday). Believe me when I say that Calibre will be faster and faster (if you are curious, you could compare v0.6.x with v0.8.x: I didn't use v0.6 cause it too slow but I'm very happy using v0.8).
Secondly, there are lots of features/options (+plugins) in Calibre. Using Calibre is fun for those who like to play around with softwares and easy for new users. You can also get help/tips/guide (or whatever related to Calibre) from Calibre's website, the manual and MobileRead forum.
Lastly, after setting Calibre to my liking, I can stop worrying about book management and enjoy reading.
Calibre will not satisfy every user, but give it a try. :)