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Calendly Reviews

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Really great program!

I've had to do hiring sessions many times before through indeed.com
Normally I would cold call all potential candidates to schedule interviews.

Now I just mass send a generic template with a calendly link.
I saved myself several hours of time

It's free too!


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Very intuitive, easy to configure and use, recommended!!!


Pretty Great Program!

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So with my day I'm running around so much it gets hectic keeping track of meetings. So on a peer's recommendation I went with Calendly. At first I was skeptical but it works really well. I like that I can send a unique URL for each type of meeting I have. So I can send someone a URL for a 1 hour meeting, or 30 min, it's really up to me but that way they can schedule that hour and it never interferes or otherwise conflicts with other meetings I have.

It interacts well with Google Calenders, in fact the compatibility with it makes me wonder why Google Calenders is listed as an alternative!

I won't say this is for everyone as some people will have great organizational tools; still I find that for someone like me where my meetings and tasks can escape me sometimes, this app works well to give me, my peers, and my clients a great idea of my schedule.