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complete and utter waste of time

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I want the last 2hrs of my life back.

First, the site doesn't properly support https, instead half assing it with some mixed mode security cross site scripted bullcrap that forces you to disable security software and plugins for the site to function at all, which made me feel really great [sarcasm] about handing over all the personal info they need.

Just for the record, I used firefox with all plugins disabled in an attempt to get the site to work properly.

Second, the software they have you save your designs with is total garbage.

The UI of their "designer" app frequently assumes your click meant you wanted to do something other than you are trying to do. Need to move an image? Good look grabbing it. Got hold of the bugger finally eh? Well now it shifted it left and let go, even though you are still holding left click. Finally got the image where you wanted? Now when you try and click something else it gets moved. That got old really fast.

Vile thing can't even format text properly. It may look fine when you are editing, but as soon as you click "Save" the text you were trying to put on that T-shirt or coffee mug or whatever is going to be butchered.

It tends to replace any punctuation or symbols with the plaintext html tags, forcing you to use letters and numbers only. It can't handle multiple lines - it will squish everything you wrote together, and then apply some strange wordwrap, even if you have 1 line that fit the box they allow you to place text and images into, so you text input area is effectively less than half of what they were showing you while you were editing. It will even change the size and alignment of the text despite those being options you can set in the UI. Why'd they even bother? Did anyone even TEST this thing?

I'm now browsing the alternatives. goodbye, Crap'eyPress.

This is their email they sent to me. It is not a caching or cookie issue, clearing those has no effect whatsoever. They apparently didn't even read that I was using Firefox with no plugins either.

Thank you for contacting CafePress. I am happy to assist.
I certainly understand your concern in this matter and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I would recommend that you close your browser and try the following steps.

  1. Clear your temporary internet cache including offline content.
  2. Clear your cookies.
    And then try the process over again. This should resolve your concern. This may have occurred because your browser is using an old cookie that has outdated information on it and is not showing you the recent changes you have made.
    Our website is also not compatible with any mobile devices, tablets, Mac computers, or Safari browser. If you are using any of these, I would recommend you try accessing our website from a PC using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers. I hope this information helps.

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