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not working any more with deviantart

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used to be my main download software, (downloaded more than 4200 galleries from deviantart, each containing on average 300 photo.)

not working any more, the Queue manager crash in the 2nd or 3rd task, some times if the gallery is huge (2000+ photos) it won't get past the analysis phase.
no x64bit version of the software. (x32bit used to work great but it couldn't use the full potential of my 32Gb RAM)

the developers are updating the software regularly, but for some reason, the last few updates ruined the software beyond practical use. I believe it started when they introduced the endless scroll compatibility. I used to add 15 tasks in the Queue manager and start downloading and take some time away from my PC , then come to see all my tasks had been completed. now it can't complete 2 tasks without crashing. the actual Queue manager is OK, but the Queue manager start each task in its own job where for some reason the job crashes and hang and can't be clicked or interact with, some times the download start and freeze at some percent , I have to shutdown the BID task from task manager and start over. I tried to contact the support 2 times, both I didn't get any respond.

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One of the few image / gallery downloaders that works on a lot sites and gets updated fairly regularly. If a site is not supported BID still tries to download the images. There are always methods to check what it selected before downloading such as preview images or image size.