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From their web site: "Bulc Club gives you unlimited free email forwarders and unlimited free email filtering to block spam, protect your privacy, and help achieve Inbox Zero."

In my personal experience, I use Bulc Club for everything. Every time I sign-up for something online, rather than giving them my real email address, I create an email forwarder and give them that instead. The cool thing is that you can make them up on the spot. For example, if I'm signing up for a webinar, I'll create webinar@nycprgal.bulc.club. If I'm buying clothes from Shein, I'll give them shein@nycprgal.bulc.club, etc. I don't have to log-in or anything first, I just think of something that helps me remember whom I gave the forwarder to.

Then, I can get the confirmation email, the receipt, and important notifications, but if I notice one of them starts to get spam, I automatically know who sold my email forwarder. Like, if shein@nycprgal.bulc.club gets spam, I know they shared my email address with their marketing partners or spammers. I can then just click the link in the top of those forwarded emails and the spam will be blocked instantly, and I'll never get spam from them again, but I'll still get my purchase receipts.

I'm not certain why the service is free or how they're able to offer it. I've been using the service for over a year now and it really helped with my wedding planning, when I had to give my email address to venues, caterers, DJs, etc. I haven't got any spam. I think Bulc Club is a life-saver and a great life-hack and recommend it to everyone I meet.


Thank you for your review and for being a Bulc Club Member. We're pleased to hear you enjoy our free service. Together we'll rid the world of spam, forever.