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The best player for subtitles

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I often switch between this and VLC. Both have been a bit clunky in some respects, but I like BS player better. The subtitle finding options are just the best.
It hasn't been working on win 10 for a while but now its fine. I have no experience with it being infected by adware as someone mentioned here.


The most underrated media player

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there has been a lot of media players around. Right now, most people are running VLC, and let's be honest, it is good.

However, when it comes to pure movie watching experience, BS player rules.

Easy to use. Just hit play.
Easy to find subtitles thanks to the built-in finder.
Does not eat your whole ram.

The only think I'd rant abut would be the way it always stays on top of other tabs in windows 10. I really like to run movies behind other tabs.
Right now, the only way is to minimize the window and listen to the sound.

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Very good movie player, especially for all foreigners using SRT and similiar subtitles.

@thegreyspot: It's the default skin.