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Great software for blocking and monitoring Internet access in our office

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We're a small business office using CurrentWare's BrowseControl and BrowseReporter.

Our employees were wasting their time on the Internet when the manager was not supervising them. In order to keep them under control, we installed CurrentWare's BrowseReporter to monitor websites that they've been visiting.

After we discovered the websites that were unproductive and not work related, we blocked them using BrowseControl.

I installed this on 5 of my offices. Quick setup and easy to configure. We love everything about it so far.



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easy to use
console is user friendly
can block all browsers
powerful enough


Take back the Internet control on your network

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BrowseControl is the perfect solution for small business to take control of their Internet. By using BrowseControl, you can increase the productivity of your office tremendously.