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Very useful & powerful.

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  • Excellent data massaging capabilities.
  • Custom export templates.
  • Logical, visual script editor.
  • Form designer.
  • Stability (I have never lost data in 4 years of heavy use).
  • Query builder.
  • Calendar.
  • File parser.
  • Can embed attachments.
  • Actively developed over the years; my 'disliked' list below is has shrunk to almost nothing.


  • UI is somewhat sticky, like a VB app.
  • Re-linking to files in the same directory as the existing link via the URL field is a chore.
  • Couldn't nest or group records in the record-list pane (but can with query results).
  • Couldn't build a query that checks if a field string is 'contained-by' another field string (but can by 'contains').
  • Couldn't use if/then in a text formula, EG: if [status] == "done" then "#FF0000" else "#FFE600". This must be scripted instead.
  • Couldn't format text using a delimiter. EG: [$date^text DELIM-2] = "Fri-20-Jun" -> "20"

Would like to have seen:

  • Interactive spelling check (standard red wavy lines) in multi-line text fields,
    spelling sugestions/correction in the right-click menu.
  • True WYSIWYG report editing that can be accurately exported to html or PDF.
  • Scriptable or manual grouping of records in the record list.
  • POP3 script actions, incl. SSL, 'is-on-server' status per email,
    'remove-from-server' function per email, 'ignore attachment' and 'ignore html'
    retrieve options. BDB could make an excellent email client.
  • Multiple recordsets per calendar.
  • More icons, quick plunder-from-exe option.
  • Portable version.
  • Linux version.


BDB has been a valuable tool for storing, organizing and formatting data.
It allows for a good deal of eccentricity and customization of the design and presentation of text, numerical and image information.

I use BDB to automatically generate and update websites from records, as well as keep track of bills, invoices, contacts and tasks... it has been my office, except for email.
I move around often and use different computers so the lack of a portable version and Linux version are a problem - I must keep text-files and python scripts as a backup for when I'm away from my windows computer for a while :(

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[Edited by cpb, May 10]