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10 out of 10

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I am navigating through my file systems with ease and lightning speed without having to learn how to use another file manager.

I have used BrightExplorer for a couple of months now and have created favorites for opening:

  • Folders on my local and shares,
  • SQL Databases,
  • WebSites
  • Applications

I love how I now have a categorized permanent list of all the places I go to often. That I can go there without having to type in long folder paths each time.

Unlimited tabs come with BrightExplorer for free (Great!). I paid 3 Dollars for the Favourites add-on which removed the limitation om the panel, and is soooo worth it!!

I believe every Windows PC should have BrightExplorer in it's notifications area permanently.

Robert, Johannesburg, South Africa, July 2014


Love the Favorites Panle

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Wow - I am navigating to my Web sites, Shared Folders sooooo quick !!

Nice One :) BrightNewWorlds.


Needs a lot of work on the UI

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The UI element that this application adds look really bad. So bad I uninstalled it immediately.