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Brave isn't. It's BRAZENLY selling you out

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It uses the same perverse "accetable ads" model of evil wladimir palants Eyeo platform:

selling whitelisting to third party advertisers


The only acceptable ads? NONE are acceptable. Hence ad BLOCKING.

"brave" is not intellectually honest, or particularly moral.


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I guess you don't know about what you talk. Take this like because I find this fun. Read their site first ^^

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The quiet best alternative to FF (signed google) & Chrome (privacy nightmare). Respects privacy, the shields (panel) options it's improve at very good point, with the option at Fingerprint protection to enable/disable WebRTC leak. You had the option to accept brave ads or block ads. The plugins are default off, like the google widevine support wich is off, that's mean privacy+.! I suppose by me take 4/5 because it's not much handfull like the about:config to gecko clones of FF.

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Brave is a pleasure to use when browsing the web. Be that for work or personal reasons. I would like to see more extensions but small price to pay for a great browser like this. I am hopeful more extensions will follow soon.

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Recently switched from Google Chrome and while Brace does have a few issues I am already LOVING IT!. The user experience so far is for me super great, i have a great experience browsing the net and working with websites i deal with on a day to day basis.

I will highly recommend this browser.


A good browser

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A good new brand browser. I already recommended it to my colleagues. For me it was a good replacement for Firefox (but I coupled it with Waterfox)


Still in dev but already so much POWERFUL

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I like(d) Firefox but since a moment it is buggy and slow to answer, so I wanted to change it. I found Brave during my searches.

It is developped by Brendan Eich (founder of Mozilla Project and JavaScript) and its team.
Brave is based on Chromium engine, Blink. Which is fast and reliable. Personally I have problems with Google so I didn't want Chrome or Chromium, the first is controlled by Google and contains trackers. The second is Open Source yeah but Google has still power on it.

Brave also uses concepts from Mozilla Firefox like the respect of privacy and the open source concept, HTTPS Everywhere (which is needed now), the ability to control what your browser tells about you etc... The plus is in the Built-In Ad Blocker (a great thing)

It also toke some things from Vivaldi or Opera, mainly in the interface. It's clear, pure, you get a wide range for your webpages and signets are still accessible.

The neat thing is also that you can pay webdevs if you block their ads, so they get money and you don't have ads, that's pretty interesting for our actual time where everyone wants to surf without pop-ups from everywhere (and sometimes malwares that come with).
If you choose to see Brave ads so you'll finance the website you're visiting too, because Brave will give funds to them and in future they could pay you to display their ads.

I recommend to everyone to use Brave, because you'll support the project and it will get more functionnalities and extensions. You should visit their website too. Everything is explained in it and how it works. For those who know how to code you can also get a copy of it