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People who know about privacy know this is b.s. - there is no more anonymity in Brave than in Chrome if you know what to do and (on the other side) when you know what to track. As for the claim on their homepage no less than it is 20x faster than Chrome or Firefox, b.s., as well I tested it and it doesn't load even 2x times faster.
The biggest con is that the wooper-dooper integrated ad filter is so bad that it breaks pages while at the same time allowing dozens of pop ups and pop unders that even the most basic extension for Firefox or Chrome can block perfectly.
Also, full of small crappy details, such as not being able to change the new tab page which shows a new random image over the interwebs (with no possibility to select the thematic/category at least) and a bean-counter's wet dream of numbers showing how many ads it (absolutely imperfectly) blocked (this tracks all the ads, pretty ironic for a browser bragging about privacy). Just to be clear: this disastrous bloatware new tab is NON NEGOTIABLE, you cannot disable it, not even through under the hood flags. Nothing. Better love to see every time a crappy stock photo and how many ads Brave failed to completely block, Bucko.
In summary, much ado about nothing. At this time it's neither more safe nor faster than any big name browser.


**Strength:** • Partly open source **Challenge...

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• Brave browser spies on you
• Money-Servant
• Term limit your usage
• Illegal and deceptive
• Cash-grab & double dip
• Primitive

• Partly open source


Spy on you

Brave browser spies on you and reports your activity to various third parties. Such as, but not limited to Amazon, Criteo Corp, Highwinds Network Group, Facebook, Twitter. Plus Brave browser's suspicious outbound connections on UDP port 137.

• Screenshot during Brave installation at https://i.postimg.cc/zGYzmNbg/brave-browser-spies-on-you.jpg
______• "1e100.net" is Google' server. Source https://gwhois.org/1e100.net+dns
______• "amazonaws.com" is Amazon's server. Source https://gwhois.org/amazonaws.com+dns
______• https://archive.md/RzKhi


Brave browser is owned by a for-profit corporation "Brave Software, Inc.". It is not owned by a not-for-profit community. Usually a corporation first priority is to hoard money. Not serve you and protect your privacy. In other words, Brave is risky to increasingly be a Money-Servant. Not a People-Servant.

______• https://archive.md/oEby8

Term limit your usage

The Brave’s term reads: “You may NOT access or use our Services if” “you are using our Services for personal, family or household purposes”

______• https://archive.md/jMMYm#selection-453.0-459.74

"illegal and deceptive"

In April 2016, the CEO of the Newspaper Association of America, David Chavern, said that Brave's proposed replacement of advertising "should be viewed as illegal and deceptive by the courts, consumers, and those who value the creation of content".[20][21]


______• https://archive.md/awAQd
______• https://archive.md/jtk4t

"cash-grab" & "double dip"

In January 2016, in reaction to Brave Software's initial announcement, Sebastian Anthony of Ars Technica described Brave as a "cash-grab" and a "double dip". Anthony concluded, "Brave is an interesting idea, but generally it's rather frowned upon to stick your own ads in front of someone else's". TechCrunch, Computerworld, and Engadget termed Brave's ad replacement plans "controversial" in 2016.

______• https://archive.md/8bHJS
______• https://archive.md/UKbSb
______• https://archive.md/yeQuU
______• https://archive.md/M8PIY


In February 2016, Andy Patrizio of Network World reviewed a pre-release version of Brave. Patrizio criticized the browser's feature set as "mighty primitive,"

______• https://archive.md/sIOm5

Two Alternatives To Brave Browser:

1. Firefox Quantum

• Firefox version 60+ (Quantum) is presently FASTER than Chrome and use less memory than Chrome. Compare to previous versions of Firefox, the Quantum version is twice as fast, promote parallelism, and has more intuitive user interface.
______• Video at https://youtu.be/n6wiRyKkmKc
______• Read more and see performance test results at https://blog.mozilla.org/firefox/quantum-performance-test/
______• Article 1 at https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/five-reasons-to-try-mozilla-firefox-quantum/4116662.html
______• Archived article 1 at https://archive.fo/LhYdw
______• Article 2 at https://lifehacker.com/why-you-should-switch-from-google-chrome-to-firefox-1821879163
______• Archived article 2 at https://archive.fo/XJEz7

2. Tor Browser

• Powered by Firefox. But with much stronger privacy. Slower than Firefox though.


lol stop lying, brave is obviously better than firefox

firefox is partners with google now, so that explains "privacy"

brave is built with the blink engine, yes the engine is by google, but that doesnt mean brave is owned by google, brave can easily cut google out of the blink engine

you can disable the "bloatware", it's not that hard you sissy.

you can go suck on furry fox dick if you like firefox so much

Thank you, Francewhoa, for such a detailed and in-depth review with each of your contentions objectively supported by citations unlike that uncouth, foul-mouthed shill bestprogramreviewer112234.

Hey, bestprogramreviewer112234! Take Brave's crypto-cum-dripping cock out of your own mouth and shove your own pansie-ass weak dick-ling, you vermin!

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NOT IMPRESSED. This is a locked down browser. You cannot add/edit/delete addons; cannot add/edit/delete search engines. Does not list/use the #1 clean (global results) engine IxQuick.EU (not .COM). And there appears to be no way to add it. Misindentifies itself on some sites. More than one report (not all verified) that it is (in one way or another) redistributing user statics and/or data... something Mozilla is now doing as well with the telemtry added/expanded as of v.57.

This is not for people who deplore the You Don't Need To Know sales pitch/spin of Google... and recently Mozilla... or those value their privacy from developers as well as sites. We expected better and it failed to deliver under the hood.


cannot add/edit/delete search engines.

This has changed. I agree it was a big problem. I kept using it because I saw the potential of the BAT token to be the micro-payment solution we have waited 2 decades for. I will at least be keeping it around as my 2nd browser (after Firefox). Before that was Vivaldi.

Brave is a fake, this service was only created to ...

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Brave is a scam, this browser was only created to sell their Cryptocurrency and support their ad business.

Brave is also funded by a member of the Facebook Board of Directors who also heads Palantir Technologies, a private American software company that specializes in big data analytics.


you can disable the cryptocurrency if you want to, it's not that hard lol

and show some proof that brave funded a facebook member next time sweetie

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used to be great once but recently they added a bloatware cryptocoin extension BAT which can't be removed

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read full conversation as the discussion continues


Maybe you could open a GitHub issue? Also, I understand it's an extension that can't be removed, but bloatware?

yes bloatware, it is something no one asked for and keeps track of your visited sites, and tracking is the main reason users want to leave chrome

Well, I'm going to post for the clarity of other people reading this review that the version of Brave at the time of this writing does have a way to turn Brave Rewards (BAT) off. Furthermore, website tracking in this extension does not report your usage to Brave. It isn't different in any way from your browser keeping a history of visited sites. That is of course, up until the point that you send your BAT to the sites - and you control whether or not that's even sent out. Since it is a crypto token, it can be sent anonymously (although you do need to give Uphold, a third-party exchange, your credentials to buy the token with USD, should you choose to do that). Furthermore, Brave isn't earning money from the exchange of BAT.

In short, I still think this browser is breaking ground and worth everyone giving a try. I'm sorry to see that this has given iZero so much distaste that they won't keep trying the browser out. It's still in it's nascent stages, it's open source, and run by a not-for-profit company, so working with them with this feedback would be way more productive than writing a misleading review.

if there is a way to 'turn it off'- so are ways to turn chrome to more secure one like ungoogled chromium.

"not-for-profit" stops when users are being forced into some crypto BS. moreover if they love BAT so much, they should just make an external extension for it which is NOT INSTALLED by default, and not bake it within itself, this is clearly something no one wanted and you are just finding reasons to justify the product.

edited:my bad, i phrased it 'your product' because you were very defensive about it and almost made me think you work for brave.

[Edited by iZero, March 12]

Since it was phrased as "your product", I feel like I need to explain that I don't work for Brave. I'm not not even a software developer. I have opened and commented on GitHub issues, but I haven't worked on the browser.

As they've explained before with their ad blocking, "baking in" these tools allows for them to write native C+ instead of injecting more JS into the page your viewing. This decreases CPU load for each page.

BAT was always part of the Brave roadmap to not only block ads for users but help websites who rely on that funding find alternative revenue sources. It's a model that gives some license back to the users, unlike ads. Many of us who believe in Brave's mission wanted exactly this; not a better blocker but a new ecosystem that eliminates the ad market as it currently exists.

Chromium is a great browser which I hope iZero enjoys, but it doesn't have native ad-blocking.

also brave is a for-profit company, recently clarified that on their reddit

clearly, the reason behind this browser is not to provide safe, secure and fast ad free experience, but to make a mirage of these and push users into their cryptocurrency platform.
you can also see that they are desperate to get the normie userbase to get using brave by posting google ads, xda ads, youtube ads and sponsoring youtube creators to feature their product.

an average user wont go to alternatives.net to check comments on what people are saying. they would see it as eye candy as soon as they see privacy, adblock, and 100x faster than chrome

"google ads, xda ads, youtube ads and sponsoring youtube creators to feature their product" - that for me was the final straw. When I see a sketchy commercial of a product that encourages me to "fight the system" on YouTube of all places, that's the moment my alarm goes off.
So, I don't use Brave anymore.
Guess I'm not that... brave.

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It was good when it was released but now with bloatware cryptocoin extension BAT i don't trust a bit and should you not too.


That's part of their completely optional and transparent ad reimbursement program. The idea is to pay users for watching ads instead of forcing it upon them. Definitely nothing sketchy.

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Welcome back Brave and Good bye!

For the last years I worked heavily to limit my fingerprint on Internet. Not only by documenting myself but also through the use of tools I put my trust in, Brave was one of them.

When you get into privacy conscious stuff, trust is always the first brick, the most simple component that will make your decision to use, or not this service. You use this VPN because you "trust" the company behind, this software because devs made it open source and toward a privacy conscious view.

At first Brave was one of them, the browser looked refreshing and open, it brought new concepts, a new engine (using Blink), Chromium without Google mark in appearance.

Recently though I looked back at Brave status and it seems some shadows activities are executed behind, like these communications the browser is doing on UDP port 138 for some undocumented reasons. There is also the fact Brave asked to be removed from privacytools.io at first I didn't take attention, I thought "Yeah, it's their right, it's curious but it's their right." But when I looked at it I told myself "Wait? This is a privacy oriented browser and it wants to be removed from a website that offers alternatives to software that literally crush your privacy. Curious" and there I started to look at it.

First behind Brave there is no foundation like Mozilla is, this is a corporation from what I understood, so their main objective is to make money. How? With ads or private fundraising. BAT is heavily headed towards that, showing ads from "partners" of Brave.
Secondly, like said in sources (Github threads), no Chromium browser will ever be secure as a Firefox and thus for many reasons also detailed in sources.
Finally Brave leaks a lot of infos to many people it seems. Shadowy UDP traffic on port 138 is one of them but it also reaches AWS, Microsoft and Google servers. The BAT system that contacts servers for ads (cans be disabled but still shadowy to me)

For all of this I leave Brave aside. My two new main browsers are Firefox Dev and TOR Browser. I also dislike Brave for reasons stated above.

https://www.reddit.com/r/privacy/comments/ap8rnv /brave_privacy_browser_is_whitelisting_trackers_of/eg74c8e/
https://www.reddit.com/r/privacy/comments/ap9149 /brave_privacy_browser_has_a_backdoor_to_remotely/eg6vckb/

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This video may be long, but it showcases the ugly truth about Brave. It tracks and sells your data just like the other browsers, and the Terms of Service forbid you from suing Brave from any place that isn't San Francisco.


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Brave doesn't give me confidence

When I performed a fingerprinting test on the "deviceinfo.me" website, I found in the "accounts logged in" section that Brave was logged in on 4 websites: amazon.ca, facebook, twitter and vk.com. I did this test with Brave browser just installed on my computer so I could not have entered any of those web pages. This is troubling and strange. I invite you to also do the test. It also happens in the Android version (also just installed).

The supposed antifingerprinting protection is a total lie, in the Android version for example it exposes the phone model, battery level, GPU model, local IP address, number of microphones, speakers, cameras, among others. The same thing happens to the desktop version.

It is not so private, when selecting the search engine DuckDuckGo is sent in a portion of the URL "&t=brave", so the search engine will know that the query was made specifically from a Brave browser (as you will know, the websites detect Brave like Chrome). Also with Qwant, where the URL portion is "&client=brz-brave".

Brave is not totally "ungoogled" (if you think it is), for example in the desktop version it preserves in the chrome: // flags various parameters referring to Google services, such as Google Drive. When visiting several pages, the option to install the Google Translator extension appears in the address bar. Another detail is that Brave supports the Chrome Store, which could imply privacy concerns (unlike Ungoogled Chromium).

It has a conflict of interest, Brave is developed by a private company that has an interest in making money, on the one hand they block ads from the competition and on the other hand they allow their own. Who says it is good and what is not? By default they enable "sponsored images", Rewards, the Binance banner, these features cannot be removed from the browser, only hide.


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everything! except one thing most of the time you have to refresh because it wont go to the page you want the first time. Not a biggy But would be nice if it didn't do that


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False sense of security, "accidentally putting referral codes" in links, this developer claims privacy, but he is just getting his cut of the game.

Overall though, great alternative to chrome, for those times where Firefox takes a dive on the deep end.

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One nice thing though, gives you a significant amount of crypto for letting it show you their ads.
I make around 2-5 dollars per month depending on how many I tell them to show me per hour (up to 5).
Then you have the choice to cash out, or give the money back to your favorite creators. Not bad.


My main concern is privacy controls, and access to...

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My main concerns are privacy controls, and access to websites. I work on Linux/Mint platform, which allows for updates via their "software update" app. Brave is constantly updating their browser, but offers Linux NO changelogs as to what they are updating...going to GitHub to determine changelogs is an exercise in futility (non-understandable techno language).--I've left GitHub comments.

I would like to merely read English as to the various and continuing "almost-daily" techno-changes--especially as to privacy concerns (I absolutely HATE GoOgle or any of its derivatives)--I think it is trending that way, as a backdoor to Chrome, with all these constant changes. I therefore do not trust it anymore

Problem is, many websites don't load in alternative browsers (such as Waterfox), and use a Chrome base (such as for financials).

UPDATE: Sept 2020

Using Linux Mint--for the last year, I have refused to update Brave without knowing the actual changelogs which they refuse to post on Update Mgr (even reported it on GitHub, to no avail). I'd like to know IN ENGLISH what the updates consist of (as in "security measures" for starters). For the last 6 months, I kept the updates unchecked--and blocklisted--in Update Mgr. figuring that would prevent further updates, and if I found changelogs, I would try to understand them and only then perform the update.

I accessed Brave yet again, and found that they updated the browser in the background regardless (settings/version, lower left), with no means of controliing auto updates (funny that Linux Update Mgr, still listed the latest version, guess there was no need to even list it from the repository since that action was underhandedly performed unbeknownst to me).

They've even locked up their etc/hosts so that one cannot insert a text code to deny updating. Finally, they locked out further comments on GitHub on this particular issue as of Apr. 2019. I view Brave as a mere extension of GoOgle Chrome, no privacies at all...believing they are far superior than common folk. So now I'm on a search for a TRUE private browser, if there are indeed any that exist. c' ya Brave!!

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Recently switched from Google Chrome and while Brace does have a few issues I am already LOVING IT!. The user experience so far is for me super great, i have a great experience browsing the net and working with websites i deal with on a day to day basis.

I will highly recommend this browser.


Still in dev but already so much POWERFUL

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I like(d) Firefox but since a moment it is buggy and slow to answer, so I wanted to change it. I found Brave during my searches.

It is developped by Brendan Eich (founder of Mozilla Project and JavaScript) and its team.
Brave is based on Chromium engine, Blink. Which is fast and reliable. Personally I have problems with Google so I didn't want Chrome or Chromium, the first is controlled by Google and contains trackers. The second is Open Source yeah but Google has still power on it.

Brave also uses concepts from Mozilla Firefox like the respect of privacy and the open source concept, HTTPS Everywhere (which is needed now), the ability to control what your browser tells about you etc... The plus is in the Built-In Ad Blocker (a great thing)

It also toke some things from Vivaldi or Opera, mainly in the interface. It's clear, pure, you get a wide range for your webpages and signets are still accessible.

The neat thing is also that you can pay webdevs if you block their ads, so they get money and you don't have ads, that's pretty interesting for our actual time where everyone wants to surf without pop-ups from everywhere (and sometimes malwares that come with).
If you choose to see Brave ads so you'll finance the website you're visiting too, because Brave will give funds to them and in future they could pay you to display their ads.

I recommend to everyone to use Brave, because you'll support the project and it will get more functionnalities and extensions. You should visit their website too. Everything is explained in it and how it works. For those who know how to code you can also get a copy of it