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(I posted in cryptomator's page too)

For me, I only compare cyptomator to boxcryptor.
ctmt is good: foss, free.

but boxcryptor is more useable.

boxcryptor is good:
treat file as a file, not bundled inside a vault.

This make boxcryptor MUCH more preferred.

however, boxcryptor has bad pt:
close source,
paid version for encrypted filename, limited device, no linux ver.


It appears that Boxcryptor does have a portable Linux version now on their downloads page.

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Support is Fantastic, no complaints to support at all.
Functions are great, only the price is sometimes painful because certain pretty useful features need business license of obtain.
Verdict, its great, but its pricing model sometimes limits its potential for more customers

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Extremley good support and a fantastic product with a great UI and advanced security features


Boxcryptor crashed for no reason

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Boxcryptor worked well for a while, but then it started crashing. Always this happened when transferring large numbers of files (3000+) into my Dropbox folder inside Boxcryptor. This makes it too unreliable as a backup system