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I tried to install, but it got stuck on entering SMTP settings.

Despite using the same SMTP settings that work in Thunderbird (and yes, I tried it with firewall open for the app), it just said the SMTP server was not reachable. I could reach it in the TypeApp app on Android and Thunderbird on the same PC, so it wasn't the server.

Unfortunately, if you can't get it to find a valid SMTP server, the installation cannot continue, and it can't be installed. I emailed their support team about it, but never heard back. The only help listed on their blog was "reboot your PC or try again later".

At the very least, you should be able to install the application with an option to configure SMTP later, rather than making users enter all POP3 info over again because SMTP is unreachable.


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It works! Yahoo and hotmail both work well with it. My yahoo account on windows does not work as windows keeps screwing up my yahoo account and again on windows, hotmail is a nightmare. I do not know why i have these problems, I am a bog-standard user. I have used bluemail for a few(?) years npw and love it. I want it on windows so I can access both yahoo and hotmail which I cannot properly at present. I want to install android on my pc and scrap windows altogether, pig-sick of it!


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I was looking for an alternative for Mailbird, this is of course a little different, but of all that it’s seen is the best.