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Almost perfect. No more ads on Android! Works very well with all apps and browsers and does not need a rooted device. If I could remove the notifications completely I would not even notice that it always runs in the background.


Once the dev succeeds in integrating VPN functiona...

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The newest release, version 4 has a very clunky UI. Frankly, it is messy and unintuitive.
They have integrated VPN functionality using Wireguard, which is wonderful, but right now at least, you have to use their service and can't configure Blokada to use the provider you already have. I appreciate that this is a good approach to generating revenue, but not being able to use your own VPN of choice makes the application less useful by far.

Effectively, this prevents me from using Blokada, as I can't make use of my current VPN subscription and Blokada's ad blocking functions at the same time.

I'll update this review if the UI improves or the ability to use your own VPN setup is added.

As of the 14/07/19 the newest release isn't up on F-droid yet; you can find it here

Old review:
Once the dev succeeds in integrating VPN functionality this will replace both Adaway and OpenVPN. The UI and blocklist selection are excellent.

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Marvelous tool -wish it was available for Windows, Linux etc.!