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As a note, it's not discontinued, just in stable s...

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This links to the old version of Bless, as is used in many linux distros because it is stable and still has no known issues. All changes have been in the dependent libraries and plugins used. Few changes have been in the primary codebase.

The project has been migrated to a separate GTK# project since it is no longer part of the GNOME project.
Here is the current source code page: https://github.com/afrantzis/bless

It is one of the better hex editors out there. It has been long stable and has seen no major code changes, so no nasty surprises in updates. There have been a few changes to better handle updated Mono versions, newer GTK# versions and reduce log noise.

As of the GNOME project, which this hex editor was part of for some time, they have replaced it with GHex as part of their slimming of the project.

(Edited technical corrections and note of migration.)
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