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First of all, there are a lot of creeps in this app. Gender discrimination persists. If they know you're a male, you will most probably be disconnected. Sometimes you're matched by a stranger who thought he was talking to the same person, and their previous conversation was so unpleasant that they immediately disconnected.

About the technical stuff, the display isn't working so well if you open the chat hub through an Android phone browser. Just fire it up and see that there's this text blocking the first few entries to the chat.

The idea is great, but the fact they did nearly no effort to prevent these creeps from interacting with a venting stranger almost killed it. I can't vent with a disconnecting listener, that's why.


Good place to chat about your problems, but use a VPN to protect your privacy.

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The idea behind this site is that you should find someone to talk to if you need to, e.g. because of personal problems. That's called being a "venter" (because you vent). Otherwise you can choose to be a listener and listen to someone who might have problems to discuss. That setup is free. Alternatively, the site offers connections to qualified counsellors, which I think ultimately is charged.

The site works quite well. The majority of people on there are confused or distressed teenagers looking for guidance about family problems or relationships. However, plenty of adults go on the site too, e.g. because they are in abusive relationships or are struggling to make ends meet.

You never know who you will be connected to. As a user you are given a pseudonym (e.g. "immediate raspberry" or somesuch), so you don't have to reveal your personal details to the person you're chatting with. Of course, you shouldn't do that anyway; you don't know who they are/are pretending to be. That's just common sense.

A problem with the site is that, although it works well, it's not abundantly clear what happens to the information the chats generate. For example, does the company behind Blah Therapy store the chats? And, also, the site does not use https to connect. This means that everything between your computer and the site goes unencrypted over the internet. (Sites that have https have a little green padlock to the left of the address at the top of the browser.) This means, that anything you say to Blah Therapy, however private, can be seen by your Internet Service Provider. That is inexcusable in 2016, and especially for a company that knows it's product will be used by people to discuss personal matters. If you want to use Blah Therapy but not have the privacy concern about your ISP and everyone else seeing what you're chatting about, learn to use a VPN service (Virtual Proxy Network). Two good services in that respect are Private Internet Acess and AirVPN. There are many others. Whichever VPN service you choose look for a strict promise that they have a "no logging" policy (they don't record which sites you've been to) and stay away from those that offer a "free" service; they're usually scams of some sort.