BitDefender Antivirus Plus Reviews

No linux version

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According to the website there should be a Linux version, but there is not


Awful product, performance wise and graphically

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Having used various other antivirus software I gave this one a go. At one point it was a decent midweight product. Then they decided to 'upgrade' it and the UI turned into a complete mess. The install failed, requring a complete uninstall and reinstall. And the performance on low spec hardware was quite noticeable. So switched to Avira and MSE as light weight alternatives.

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I agree, Just after requesting a refund after buying a 2 years subscription. It constantly Crashed/Froze Windows. Only have it installed 3 days and could not handle it anymore. Had no problems when I had used other antivirus software such as ESET, Avast, Norton or AVG. Bitdefender is horrible.
I have no idea, no idea in hell how it's ranked "Number 1" on other review websites, thats weird


Bit Defender Auto Renewal option

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Just an FYI. If you give Avangate, the vendor for on-line download, your Credit Card information, or give that information to BitDefender directly, try to opt-out of auto-renewal!!!

I just spent 4 days and numerous e-mails in an attempt to get the auto-renewal cancelled. It was frustrating to tell Customer Service [?!?!] over and over that I want to cancel the auto-renewal.

I finally got it done by being a bit rude in my e-mail, telling them to quit asking me about why, I had told them why, and just cancel the auto-renewal.

So, be warned that this could happen to you.

It's not worth the convenience to have them treat you like this.

Be aware that Avangate does not control the cancelling of the auto-0renewal; they just respond to BitDefender.