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It won't install if you don't have Internet Explorer installed.... WTF....

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I can safely say that Internet Explorer is the worst browser in the long sad history of bad browsers.
The 1st thing I do after a fresh Windows installation, is downloading Chrome trought Internet Explorer and immediately remove Internet Explorer.
I really don't remember the last time I used that bad excuse of a browser.

The old Bitdefender Free (2013 version, I think) Installs fine, no issues.
The latest version with new "improved" user interface, won't install because I don't have Internet Explorer. WTF...

Big no no for me.
I would immediately ask for a refund if I bought any Bitdefender product, and they don't install because I don't meet the "Minimum software requirement".


One Glaring Problem

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I want to like this antivirus, because it does everything else right, but gods help you if you get a false positive. Rather than ignore the file, you have to report and attach the file causing errors and wait for the update to get pushed out. In the meantime, your file won't be allowed to run.

It's a deal breaker for me, because it's blocking Steam right now!


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  • Completely Free without limited functionality, Zero Configuration, Automatic Game Mode when full screen apps are running
  • LOT of False Alert and Block Official Website such as DISCORD, etc

really good software

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It's fast and does not pop up with ads or other annoying notifications.


_MrGoatsy _is correct (March 2018) Personally...

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MrGoatsy is correct (March 2018, Comments)
Personally I find the BD website a shambles to find anything, particularly decent documentation about any of their products. Lots of flashy rhetoric, but very little substance.
I could not find much contemporary info of substance about Free Bitdefender

Softpedia's webpage has a link "Downloads" which lists three options

  1. Online installer
  2. Offline installer x86
  3. Offline installer x64
    The online installer is huge (5 mins to dLoad on a domestic WiFi connection)
    Both offlines <1 min on a LAN connection

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This review is for Bitdefender Free.

I can recommend it, it does have some pop ups for marketing their paid software but those can easily be disabled by going to account info and then disabling it.


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Dissapointing !

After 5 years of Bitdefender Internet Security and Kaspersky before that, I am trialing anti-exe protection VooDoo Shield PRO in conjuction with Free BD.
VDS and FBD play happily together ... VDS does not capture phishing, but BD does.

Recently I stupidly ran a high risk download containing ransom ware
. VDS stopped the ransom attempt dead ... screen activity was frantic as ransom tried to take hold
. after a long delay, BD finally announced a risk and alleged quarantine.
. VDS had already handled the ransom attempt, malware was quarantined by VDS, not BD

Biggest annoyance is Free-BD appears to allow signed apps but unsigned apps are alerted as threats.
. in some instances my v.trusted un-signed apps EXE have been deleted by Free-BD
. Free BD assumes the role of what apps are white-listed, but user cannot add trusted apps to FBD white-list
. we have to go through a threat alert by FBD ... dig into events ... nominate the trusted app as safe.
. then try to restart the trusted app, if all components are present, and have not been deleted.
The ONLY user control with Free BD is ... ON or OFF.

I have very little faith (if any) in heuristics, preferring the more exact science of VDS white-listed Executables.

I came to AlternativesTo to find a more user accessible free AV


Awful product, performance wise and graphically

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Having used various other antivirus software I gave this one a go. At one point it was a decent midweight product. Then they decided to 'upgrade' it and the UI turned into a complete mess. The install failed, requring a complete uninstall and reinstall. And the performance on low spec hardware was quite noticeable. So switched to Avira and MSE as light weight alternatives.

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I agree, Just after requesting a refund after buying a 2 years subscription. It constantly Crashed/Froze Windows. Only have it installed 3 days and could not handle it anymore. Had no problems when I had used other antivirus software such as ESET, Avast, Norton or AVG. Bitdefender is horrible.
I have no idea, no idea in hell how it's ranked "Number 1" on other review websites, thats weird

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Free version a waste of time for me.
Wish to remain anonymous when trying out free versions. Why they need my name is beyond me.. Just put some word for my name and an email address (not my primary one because I don't want emails then have to unsubscribe)..
Installing, they wanted to remove two excellent anti-malware tools (very light, safe, reputable, around for years, one open source). Let it remove one, quarantine the other after the first scan. Checked to see the features, settings, configurations, but nothing. OK. Time to uninstall.


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Firewall never worked very well and was not really configurable at all.

Like kaspersky, the software has the completely novice user in mind and once you try to start doing anything yourself decision-wise, things start just not working well.

It also blue screened me every time I tried mounting virtual drive partitions.


Bit Defender Auto Renewal option

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Just an FYI. If you give Avangate, the vendor for on-line download, your Credit Card information, or give that information to BitDefender directly, try to opt-out of auto-renewal!!!

I just spent 4 days and numerous e-mails in an attempt to get the auto-renewal cancelled. It was frustrating to tell Customer Service [?!?!] over and over that I want to cancel the auto-renewal.

I finally got it done by being a bit rude in my e-mail, telling them to quit asking me about why, I had told them why, and just cancel the auto-renewal.

So, be warned that this could happen to you.

It's not worth the convenience to have them treat you like this.

Be aware that Avangate does not control the cancelling of the auto-0renewal; they just respond to BitDefender.