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Bitcoin.com Wallet Reviews

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Great wallet! Super easy, intuitive, stable and fast. Good choice for both beginners and advanced users.

The wallet has a lot of features:

  • sweeping paper wallets
  • recover by seed
  • buying bitcoins within the app (no KYC required)
  • exchanging between btc and bch (via sisideshift.ai, which means no KYC again)
  • map of stores that accept Bitcoin Cash Small Marco Coino iconMarco Coino on board
  • wallet key encryption
  • lock by PIN
  • many online shops integrated with special discounts for people who pay with Bitcoin Cash
  • great, reliable and polite support team
  • and many more useful features and links...

The wallet development team consist of libertarians and bitcoincashers. Those people love liberty and the free market. And they hate every kind of regulation. That's why the wallet they create is so good. Every aspect of the services they've implemented requires as little user information as possible. Even something as regulated nowadays as buying bitcoin has been made simple in this wallet with no need to send you private information whereas almost all of the crypto-exchanges require sending your photocopy of ID. Other example? -ShapeShift has started to require KYC recently? -No problem! We've changed it to SideShift AI which does no give a damn about your identity because we do understand that not everybody wants to give their private data away.

The wallet is in constant, rapid development. A lot of interesting functions and updates are released every month. Recently the transaction broadcasting speed has been increased and soon the cash shuffle protocol is going to be implemented. The wallet follows the rule: user experience is everything. I believe it's fair to say that the developers strive for perfection. The only shortcoming I can think of is maybe a little bit old-fashioned user interface.

So if you're looking for a good Bitcoin wallet Bitcoin.com wallet surely will meet your expectations.


Before using this service, I advise you to read th...

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Bitcoin.com Wallet is a scam.

Bitcoin.com is very easy to use, but it also a scam, when you buy paying in your own currency to recover BHC, you have a fee, nothing abnormal, but then not only will the amount you will receive be slightly less than the set amount, but also your funds will slowly decrease as time goes by, so if you pay $50 for BHC, you will receive, perhaps, $49.50 and it will drop to 49.40, 49.28 . Only way not to lose your money, spend it all at once.

Note : Read their privacy policies, and you'll see that paying by Bitcoin.com Wallet is not really different for your privacy as paying by Paypal, if you want to pay with an Cryptorrency because you want more privacy, turn to other solutions.



The amount of Bitcoins in the wallet does not decrease over time. The exchange rate USD:cryptocurrency changes all the time though. That's why the wallet showed you a different number of dollars on a different periods of time.The bitcoin price changes every second and the rate is very unstable. It's not the wallet developers fault it's a very nature of bitcoin. Every person joining the cryptocurrency world should be aware of that fact.

Also comparing Bitcoin.com Wallet privacy policies to PayPal is beyond me. You don't have to send ANY personal information to use the wallet. You have to send your email, name, address, country, document scans and others to use PayPal. The wallet unlike PayPal cannot stop or cancel your transaction. You own the private keys you and only you have authority over your money.