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BitChute has a phenomenal community and incredible potential but currently has a few serious drawbacks.

BitChute intends to become YouTube without censorship protected in part by including decentralized bittorrent functionality. (The BitChute website as a single internet location will remain centralized until everyone can somehow be part-co-host, like FreeNet or ZeroNet. This is a "decentralization" myth/flaw/oversight shared with countless other sites that claim to be free, like Steemit, Gab, InfoGalactic, etc.) Unfortunately the torrent magnets are not on every video, and sadly when in your torrent que mostly remain not seeded nor downloaded. This could easily be fixed if, in addition to their YouTube-style playback, BitChute seeded all their videos too. When the torrents are absent or unseeded you are forced to watch the videos on their site and//or use a browser flash downloader to save for your archive. Also, naming option settings for the video magnet torrents is absolutely necessary. Currently you download a video file with a short video ID alphanumeric coded name, rather than a good title including useful descriptors like where it came from (BitChute), the author/channel/publisher, the name of the file/video/title, the date, and other details such as the short alphanumeric code, the video resolution, audio compression, and/or the time length.

If BitChute were really serious about being successful, in addition to fixing the torrent issues mentioned, they'd open source the project, have a forum and/or wiki for developers and users, encourage mirrored host sites, embed a crypto currency and/or rewards system (which is actually in the works), social network cross integrations, and I'm sure countless other things other people will want or may offer.

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ok here are my credentials
9 years of almost daily video uploading to sites such as YouTube, vid.me , trutube and bitchute
about 800 video uploads to bitchute since February
many years experience of the ((( Disqus ))) comments platform

Pros , so far at least my videos have remained

no customer service of any type , emails all go unanswered
impersonation, stalking and harassment is rife, no moderation even though all disqus accounts give tools
extreme violent Nazi comments allowed by organised state sponsored trolls ( anti semitic BS allowed because its part of an agenda )
very small audience , 1% of YouTube ( if that )
narrow focus on so called alt right and ((( Nazi))) style content
use of Disqus platform ( owned by Zeta Global prop David Steinberg)
gang stalking allowed
name squatting allowed
violent threats allowed
i suggest that Ray Vahey ( who doesnt seem to care that his name was used to send me abusive ((( kike))) comments is in this for the money
no attempt is made to enforce the terms and conditions of bitchute that do not allow certain things ( but allow it all)
very few honest and decent people frequent that platform ( almost all comments are by trolls and abuse accounts , Jews pretending to be Nazis calling me a Kike etc )
bitchute will not tell you who is subcribed to your channel ( why not)
channel subscribing des nothing, you have to click twice to get a notification ( idiotic)
bitchute created disqus accunts have NO privacy features so you cannot make your content private

respectful attempts t discuss issues with Vahey or one of his team get nowhere and god knows I tried , emailed them dozens of times , they are as bloody useless as a chocolate tea point or a petr filled fire extinguisher


oh and i forgot to mention the diabolical ' search engine' that gives ridiculous results , almost all my videos cannot be found , yet bitchute think they are qualified to get a legitimate comments system opeartional when they cant even sort their rubbish ' search' engine

BitChute replaced Disqus with its own "speakfreely" commenting system just a few days ago. Hooray! Speakfreely has a few little kinks that need to be worked out, but even with the bugs it's still far better than Disqus, which engages in data harvesting and shadowbanning.

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I watch all my channels on BitChute now, many are migrating there. It's a high-quality stream, very convenient, and not nearly as annoying as the competition.


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Appeals by false claims, if you want freedom, prefer Peertube and its fully libre/free federation, profitability-free system.
BitChute is a centralized video platform, copying Youtube money-driven model.


    • ! non-free software, closed source, therefore no self-hosting possible, no true freedom as long as it's not in the hands of the users.
    • ! profitability-driven company economic model.
    • ! potential crypto-currency (Monero) mining.
    • ! claims to support free speech but doesn't respect user privacy by using DISQUS centralized service.
    • ! **falsy advertizes to use Peer-to-Peer ** (WebTorrent): actually uses it only to lighten the central servers loads, not decentralize the content hosting. You will be mostly loading .mp4 from a CDN and not using WebTorrent.
    • ! no download option.
    • ! uploaded content is mostly "alt-right" and "conspiracy" echo chambers.


    • no official moderation/censorship (although can't be proven since it's not free and open-source software).
    • no ads for now.
    • age restriction possible.

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The good
• Free
• Really free speech. Zero censorship. Their mission is to put people and free speech first. Conditional to behave legally and be considerate. Source at https://www.bitchute.com/policy/guidelines/
• Decentralized. Using peer to peer torrents and WebTorrent. Which is the future.
• Tailored matchups for monetization $. Such as sharing your BitChute videos on Minds.com
• High-quality video stream
• Easy
• More secure because part of BitChute code is publicly available for review and contribution at https://github.com/webtorrent/webtorrent
• You own your videos. BitChute does not claim any ownership rights to any of your content. Source at https://www.bitchute.com/policy/terms/
• Many alternative media outlets like ComputingForever, the Corbett Report, Media Monarchy, Press For Truth, Newsbud, reallygraceful, saneprogressive, and Stefan Molyneux have already joined BitChute and are regularly posting videos.

The bad
• Not open source. Like YouTube, BitChute’s code is not available publicly. So it can not be review by the public. In other words, there is a risk of abuse. The good news is that compare to YouTube, at least part of BitChute's code is publicly available for review and contribution at https://github.com/webtorrent/webtorrent
• It is not clear if BitChute is owned by a for-profit organization, or if it is owned by a not-for-profit organization. The concern is that usually a corporation first priority is to hoard money. Compare to a not-for-profit organization first priority is to serve you and protect your privacy.
• BitChute is still under development. So the feature are basics.


Thanks for this easy-to-read bullet review. I appreciate it! Just want to take exception to one thing: Non-profit first priority is always to please government - not us. Why? Because they lose their not-for-profit status if they don't follow the government rules. That often involves turning over your information to government instead of protecting your privacy. IMHO, for-profit businesses are learning that our privacy has value, and eventually, businesses that won't protect it are going to lose out to businesses that will protect it. It will take time, but we're heading there.

bitchute is for profit , Ray Vaheys skype profile has the following ' all you need is love , Just kidding You need money ' i think bitchute is a COINTELPRO blackop

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it supports and provides an outlet for freedom of speech and alternative views in a time when youtube is declining due to its censorship.


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A video streaming site without the barriers where people and free speech first. This is the future!


i dont think its what you hoped it would be, i have been uploading to bitchute since February , infsted by Zionist trolls and lunatics pretending to be Nazis sending dumb cartoons. they wish to discredit free speech by making it seem as if we need regulation

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Eh, it's a good idea struggling under a few setbacks but pretty average overall.

The good:

It's very easy to have your content noticed without depending on a crazy algorithm that might bury you, which means you can build an audience on Bitchute without relying on unsustainable trends or through other websites.

Another good thing so far is Bitchute doesn't favour some channels over others like YT does for big companies. It's also a better option for animators, doll customisers and artists as YT recently introduced COPPA incorrectly. The act states it only applies to websites directed towards children (so YT kids), but YT has decided it should also affect the regular version of their website which means it doesn't matter if you clearly state the video isn't for kids.

The bad:

Poor content organisation.

  • The current system won't be sustainable if this site continues to grow as is, because there would be too much content uploaded within a given point in time

  • you cannot organise by date of creation when you look for content in and outside the search system, and

  • channels are very disorganised, but honestly most sites are. Deviantart has had the best gallery organisation I've seen so far.

Glitches are everywhere and it makes me suspect there's a very scarce programming team behind the website or the programmer might be new to managing such a big project. Glitches I've noticed:

  • the notification system doesn't always work

  • your account doesn't immediately show up upon registering and there's a 2 week wait

  • your video may not be searchable if the thumbnail hasn't been given a specific naming convention

  • your video might end up mistaken for someone else's, which makes me suspect there's a database problem where the uploaded video isn't given enough information to be uniquely identified properly, assuming they've used their own server and had to create a database from scratch to avoid third party censorship.

There's also pirated content on this site that's an immediate turn off. I still see it as theft no matter how one tries to justify it.

The meh:

There's not enough variety of content on this website and it's drowning in politics. The only way to fix this is if more creators make a lot more escapist content. I'm tired of politics being everywhere 24/7 regardless of where it leans.

It's also disappointing that people have taken advantage of free speech on this website to swear a lot, call people names and exhibit fairly immature behaviour.


At the moment, Bitchute is on top based on relevancy. These days, big creators make websites relevant and a lot of YT alternatives have faded because they lack it. The only other alternative I can see possibly competing is Peertube.

Bitchute needs to fix the programming asap if they want to stay on top in gaining traction, they should also aim to purposefully create content islands as part of the website design to avoid algorithm dependency, and finally they need to implement better organisation so it's as easy as possible to navigate and find things than most sites.


Bitchute is working hard with your donations to wo...

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While currently light years ahead of youtube, Bitchute is quietly working with your donations behind the scenes against their mission statement to censor you, see for yourself, check out handsome truth https://www.bitchute.com/video/z6TRBk7py6lA/ there is no greater coward and enemy of the human race than the traitor. Now more then ever we must work to ensure truly honorable and uncensorable platforms that are not merely controlled opposition.


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Currently, their aren't many "normal" non-political content creators on the site. We do exist, however. On a technical level the site does work. Uploading is a little "bare bones" but easy to use. Searching is where the site falls the most, as the site can't interpolate and then display "related to X" or "close to Y" so if you make a typo it just displays nothing at all. I do have high hopes for it, It is an excellent place to mirror your content.


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Missing some polish and a reliable search function, but still a nice place to mirror your uploads that might be a little too spicy for YT.


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Good alternative


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Little to no censorship; simple, logical interface; interesting content that can't be found elsewhere.


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Very good, a good alternative, without a doubt, unlike others, keeping it firm and with a lot of content. :)