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Totally abandoned service

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Bitcasa killed Bitcasa Drive service. Users must find alternative service before 2016/5/20.


Not Great

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It is worthwhile if you are saving documents in the cloud. However, I've uploaded videos to bitcasa drive and there is obvious file degradation. The online player is choppy then I downloaded them to a different computer and the quality is not the same as the original. Not to mention that they lost Hundreds of Gigs of my data when they did their drive migration. I want to like bitcasa drive but it's not the best cloud service.


If you value your data, don't host it here...

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We bought this server to host our family photos, videos, and files thinking it would be a safe, secure place.

About a month ago, they said they needed to move everyone's data to a new server and we need to go to their website and click a button to transfer all our files.

We did that.

Well, what they failed to tell us was that all the data we would upload since then would be completely lost.

We lost family photos, videos, and more due to their lack of information. They said they posted a blog article detailing all the "steps" that needed to take place. Unfortunately, their emails and website said nothing of this and we don't actively follow their blog.

Not to mention, all of the files that were transferred (since we clicked the button right when they told us) now have completely different creation dates and timestamps for everything.

All our data was changed.

And over a month of memories lost.

Do not use them for any data you value.

Trust us. Beware.



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I've been trying this out for several months. The ability to have both backup and sync in one service attracted me. It has a number of shortcomings in the feature, policy and reliability areas. I use the web interface, the Windows, and Android clients.

Only recently was the Android client updated so that you could open files with something other than their proprietary browser. So if you wanted to access something other than a photo, video or audio, there were multiple hoops to jump through. The service offers no ability to sync files/directories offline on multiple devices like dropbox. Their "mirror" feature allows offline storage across multiple devices, but only the device that originally created the file can update it. If you don't use mirroring, then the files are only available online and through a temporary cache that expires after several days since the last time you downloaded it.

Recently Bitcasa decided to overhaul their system and required every user to login and manually perform a transfer of their files to the new system, in < 30 days, or their data would be deleted. This was a total failure for a "backup" company. On top of this, their encryption design required each user to download and re-upload their data. Hopefully users read their email notice, took action and had a good enough ISP to complete the transfer before the deadline. Also the new system was incredibly buggy. Every new client (they were all replaced) is still littered with bugs. The transfer process was buggy too. I logged in on 3 occasions to perform the transfer until the site blipped and all my data was in the new system, because the progress bar was certainly frozen at 0% every time I tried the transfer.


Feels Incomplete

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Tried it for a week, only to notice that once you go offline you may loose the access to your synced folders. This was a few months ago, but only now I had the time to write this comment. If this is not fixed yet, I hope it will be soon.

As the version I tested for windows, I don't feel it is yet a reliable alternative to Dropbox. As a personal experience, Comodo Cloud is a better alternative right now to dropbox