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On his Webpage, the Author of this Shareware CLEAR...

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Zero Reply to (Needed) Support Request!
On his Webpage, the Author of this Shareware CLEARLY WARNs Everyone that Requests for Support May Simply Go Straight into his TRASH!! —
And this warning is Accurate —> I NEEDED Support Because:

  1. My Paid-For License Key was being Rejected! (A Rather Important Problem!); AND

  2. After I Spent a Large Amount of Time Setting Options, & Pressed the "OK" Button, None of the Options Saved. I Repeated This Process MANY Times—and this Program FAILED to Save the Options that I Had Set.

The Author Must Have {Just as he Warned) TRASHED My Email to him ! ! (Nice.)

From the Lengthy Feature-List, I am Confident This Program Offers Alot; And I will Immediately Change My Rating IF the Author will Simply REPLY(!!!) to the VERY Basic FAILs mentioned above!!