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A nice little simulation for unicellular organisms. I spent more time than I would like to admit messing around with this thing while I should have been studying. The simulation has you making strands of lines that represent unicellular organisms. Depending on the length and color of the strands that make up each organism, they behave differently in the environment. You can also track the statistics of the current simulation and see which organism did the best in a certain task (e.g. which cell made the most children). For example, green will allow the organism to undergo photosynthesis and become self-sustaining, while cyan will allow the cell to move around. The GUI is good enough to understand what exactly is going on, although I wish there were some way to configure keyboard shortcuts; right-clicking can get annoying after doing it so often. Also, I recommend reading the user manual in "Help"; if you're confused about something, the manual will tell you more about it.