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Olive Tree Bible Software is an OUTSTANDING Companion to Logos Bible Software (Though EACH is Excellent On its OWN).

Between these 2, if MONEY is an Issue, Olive Tree is by FAR Superior Since::
(1) In Olive Tree the Software is ALWAYS FREE (!!!), & from there you ONLY pay for the Books you want. WONDERFUL!! Happy with just a couple Comparison Translations? -- Well, my Friend:: You Will Really, Really LOVE this Wonderful Program — It will ADD so much Power to your Study of Scripture that you will be AMAZED ! !!!
AND . . .
(2) Logos is EXPENSIVE. It is OUTSTANDING, but Yes: for Logos you WILL Pay Thru your Nose!

I have BOTH, for I am a Life-Long Student of God’s Word; and Both LOGOS & Olive Tree EACH have a couple Unique features.

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Great app, lets you take notes across devices. And as you can attach your sermon notes to Verses or just take them like that you can build up a great resource.
However, if you are looking for only free stuff this is not really for you. There are some but Bible+ is only really useful if you invest some Money in Books. Once you do so it is very powerful and can be used at Seminary, Bible College, Sermon preparation, Bible Study Groups, etc.
Just on older devices Bible+ does not preform well, it uses quite some resources.