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Comment by coth
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As a note - there is a free version called Beyond Compare Lite. Don't know limitations though, but there is a sure no 3-way merge. And probably no directory comparison. It comes with some IDE. Particularly with free RAD Studio Starter Edition.

Comment by Guest
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Extremely good.
It supports Japanese, French and German as well as English. And a lot of platform (I'm happy to use it on Windows XP).
User Interface is sophisticated and easy to use.
Comparison results are easily comprehend.
I change to this from WinMerge which I have used for a long time,


Great tool but don't expect frequent updates

Comment by CopyTrans
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very few updates and with just bug fixes - don't expect new things...

Comment by net_np
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It is one of the best file and folder comparison tool. Excellent feature, user friendly, advance feature that allow to control white-space, line-ending, time stamp, file size comparison, file pattern include/exclude, binary comparison, rule based comparison. it can ignore changes in code comments for source code files. provides 3-way comparison is awesome. It can compare images and provide visually diff. Session and workspace feature is excellent.


reply to edrandall.

i think the user ignored the timestamp difference...

Comment by edrandall
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Unfortunately this one failed the "60 seconds to make yourself useful and not annoy me" test.
Doing a large directory tree comparison - it said many of the files were different, but when I individually clicked on a few and selected "Quick Compare" it then conceded that they are in fact the same. I don't have time to go through and do that for each file/directory individually, that's why I need a good tool.
Furthermore, I couldn't find any of the options to select "ignore whitespace differences" or "ignore line ending differences" that I need, further componding the number of phantom differences trhat I encountered.


You can tell it to automatically compare all the files to verify they are different or the same. The options to ignore whitespace differences and line endings are there. It is based on the different file types - you set rules for how different files are compared. For example in Python files the whitespace is significant, and Pascal files don't care about case, but C family libraries do. It has most of those common rules already in there though.

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