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New version infected (3.2) !

27th of August 2019.

Tried to find a new version on old site, disappeared, now under ZeroNet. New version announced (07/2019).
There is no more distribution of the tool itself, instead only a downloader for it... heemmm smells bad.

Downloaded the downloader, VirusTotal 6 detections, including McAffee, Windows Defender (which usually does not detect a lot beside Windows or Office activators ;-)) and others.

Tried the ZeroNet downloader itself : even better : 15 detections.

I wonder if FK has been transferred (voluntarily or not) to a botnet system. I sent him a mail asking to explain, no answer yet.

Other sources for previous versions 3.0 and 3.1. Various degrees of infection, 3 to 5 according to source. Possible that the original was safe and has been repacked and infected, hard to say since there is no way to access the original files any longer.

My conclusion and personal opinion, better to stay away from the new versions and the brand new website from now on until further notice.

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ZeroNet info:
go on zeronet, narrowing search by "fk" then click on appropriate site

I got a popup saying:
= = = =
It appears you are visiting this site through a proxy.
Please consider using the official Zeronet client software instead.
Downloader ...
= = = =

I downloaded that downloader, 15 viruses under VirusTotal.

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" Danilo_Venom " comment was valid in March-2015.
... BUT ... not in Nov-2017
Vendors also share the criticism for adware, malware and viruses. Adware is a pest but not necessarily a risk, just a PITA. Sticky adware (that resists uninstalling) is definitely in the realm of malware.
Source of download (vendors) should always be handled with caution. I use vendors for info, then try and locate the developers website.

I just downloaded BAT to EXE Converter (portable) from the developer
Detected threats 1/61
One threat by Cylance. (False positive)
"Unsafe" is the only threat Cylance ever display, try searching for "Unsafe" as a virus :sarcasm:
Cylance do not provide a data base of perceived threats, in fact their website for pro antivirus boast "heuristic" detection.
Translated ... they are guessing. Guessing is meaningless.

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