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I make mod packs, freeware collections, etc.

  • This tool has the best interface, hands down. Clean, modern, helpful info text/bubbles
  • Built-in debug with detailed report, not just "error or fail" it tells you the issue
  • **Warnings about "non-standard" command paths, but allows it in build ** (many others WONT)
  • Syntax highlight
  • Free for personal & COMMERCIAL USE
  • DO EVERYONE A FAVOR, dont waste $90, on so-called PRO stuff, support this author with $5

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" Danilo_Venom " comment was valid in March-2015.
... BUT ... not in Nov-2017
Vendors also share the criticism for adware, malware and viruses. Adware is a pest but not necessarily a risk, just a PITA. Sticky adware (that resists uninstalling) is definitely in the realm of malware.
Source of download (vendors) should always be handled with caution. I use vendors for info, then try and locate the developers website.

I just downloaded BAT to EXE Converter (portable) from the developer
VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/52014b9079e633807e90171ebe98bc38bb9f3856c51954d4cae5892284075b13/detection
Detected threats 1/61
One threat by Cylance. (False positive)
"Unsafe" is the only threat Cylance ever display, try searching for "Unsafe" as a virus :sarcasm:
Cylance do not provide a data base of perceived threats, in fact their website for pro antivirus boast "heuristic" detection.
Translated ... they are guessing. Guessing is meaningless.

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