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Works better than Synergy and its free & open source! You can download the compiled app under releases when you click on the github link.

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Actually completely open source. Full cross platform support. I get it to work without any effort and can have multiple network connections per computer and no trouble across linux and windows. No mac or bsd to test.


Hi, dude. How did you installed it on Linux? I still can't do it

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All the (useful) features of Synergy without any of the crap added by Symless over the last few years. What more could you ask for? Highly recommended, it works great for me.

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A good example of FOSS.
Works like a charm, cross platform done right with easy thanks to the use of Flatpak.

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It is a fork of the original Synergy, which makes it a perfect alternative to it.


Even better, they take out the comercialization of the software. I paid a license of Synergy, only to find they created new more licenses for new versions and never fixed the bugs we had in the old Synergy. They just want easy money.

Wrong. Synergy 1.1 can be installed and used for free. It actually works on all the platforms it was released for, too, unlike this - which doesn't work at all on MACOS.

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It is a good program but it doesn't support for Windows 10 so can you please make this program support windows 10. I give five stars anyway because it is good.


It might have been updated since you posted this, but it is working fine for me now on Win10.

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Developer didn't bother to write up any documentation for this.

You can't even find out where the config files are stored, let alone the correct formatting.

Sure, the app works, but only after you spend hours figuring it out for yourself, and only because the developer is extremely lazy and slow.

I don't recommend this at all - just build and install an old Synergy 1.x build. It will work better, and there's actually information about it on the internet.

Ultimately I give this a 0/10 for sheer developer laziness. It's basically just a direct re-release of Synergy 1.1 with several features broken completely.


It's not a re-release of Synergy 1.1 but of 1.9 with new fixes. And since you know it is a fork of Synergy there is PLENTY of documentation all over the internet.

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Don't even bother, there's no documentation at all to cover installing it and it may require building/compiling, and nothing in the included files functions. Frankly I don't care enough to make this developer's documentation for him.


Not true. You can download the Windows installer here

Wrong, look under releases

OP is absolutely correct on the first part of his comment, there is NO documentation a year post-launch and there are over 70 issues ignored on the Git page.

However, you can download an .exe or .dmg for it - it just won't work at all past there without an enormous amount of user legwork due to the dev's laziness on the documentation.