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Best program for recording!!!

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This program is the best for screen or video recording. I used Fraps program before which is another recording program. But it was kinda difficult to use and a little bit difficult for me. So, I tried this program for recording. I still using it! It is really easy to use and has good quality. I am very satisfied with this program. Thank you Bandicam!


Literally this Best Recording Software

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At first, I was a little hesitant at buying this app. I tried it out via trial and it was very easy to control. I asked my friends, who are decent YouTubers (50,000+ subscribers), and they all said that they tried others like OBS, Fraps, Camtasia. But, none of them could compare to Bandicam.

I bought Bandicam, right afterwards, on Amazon, registered a copy, and instantly fell in love with the interface and all it stood for. If I had the money, I would buy 2-PC licenses for all my co-workers.


How is this an alternative to Fraps?

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Sure, It's much better but it has a 10min limit and shitty watermark on videos. Otherwise you have to purchase it but I can't afford that price and honestly there are free software solutions. Which doesn't imply it had to be open source, but I can't believe it's rated so high as an "alternative" lmao


Hi @penpx,

I can totally understand your concern. Bandicam's been around a long time now, before a lot of the great new recording apps. It's had a lot of time to garner Likes for it's easy to use design. It's facing steep competition now though, especially from open source apps like Open Broadcaster (OBS). We'll see how things go from here!

Thanks for posting your thoughts about it, good reading. :)

Best regards, David

I get the frustration with the limitations of the free version, but how does this disqualify it from being an alternative to Fraps? First, AlternativeTo lists similar software regardless of their license and price. Second, and more importantly, Fraps limits free users to 30-second recordings (20 times shorter than Bandicam!), and also puts a watermark on top! You only lose these limitations for the $37 registration fee, which is just $2 less than that of Bandicam. I really don't see a big difference between their licensing models.