Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Reviews

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Great prices and great service.

about Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage · · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

For storing data they're pretty not bad.

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1TB = 5$ / mo.
But you can use smaller amounts of data.
For example for regular backups whole WordPress database and site, I need around 40GB (by last 3 years of using the service) and my price tag is 1.2$ yearly.

Is it cheaper for me to store data somewhere else?
No, I do not think so. 120 cents for 40GB of data per YEAR, I do not think, that I can find something cheaper.

But here is a big BUT!
If I wanna to download all of my data or restore frequently from my b2 storage, my bills will be next:

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As you see, a price for downloading backups 3x more then a price for storing data.
I realized it, when I tried to take all my backups from them (which is not easy to do, if you wanna download whole bucket). And I realized that I must to pay them some money ( I have backups of several terrabytes also there too).

Here is example:

enter image description here

As you see on the image above, if I willing to download all my data, I will forced to pay them 51$
Instead of 17$. Imagine that you have not 3TB but for example 10TB of data.

I have NOTHING against this service, I just wish to warn people about this service, that there are not really hidden costs, but what to expect. If you back up a lot of your data and store it online, it's great. But if you need access to your files and download them - it's not really cost effective.

Much cheaper will be to use any cloud storage.

For example something like sync, or any other alternative.