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When I found the program appreadwritecounter and realize that my backup software was the #2 thing killing my expensive NVMe hard drive for no reason at all, I set out on a search to find a backup program that did what I needed without wasting resources.

Once you get past how intimidating it feels to use the windows scheduler this is truly an amazing backup utility.

Using the windows scheduler may seem off-putting, but it's a great feature. Every other backup solution that worked for me all had intrusive background services and processes that would run 3% cpu 200+MB of ram, and or spam incredible number of disk I/O's for no reason well idle in the background.

As a friendly note to people like me who reformat there systems often:

  • Backup4SUre is portable
  • Remember to export your windows tasks when you make them and save the exports to your job folder so you don't have to remake them.

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Very simple to use but does all the important stuff, reliably