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It's discontinued but it works. Has large image Preview.
You delete images one by one.
It has no Batch delete, so don't try to use this with many many photos.


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ATTENTION! Before you start using this software, know there is NO BATCH DELETE.

If you find 300 similar images, you have 3 choices for each individual file:

  • go to the parent folder
  • move the image file somewhere
  • delete the image file......... >>>> ONE BY excruciating ONE

It does what it says -- it finds images that are duplicates, even offering the option of "Search only 100% identical pictures" in Settings. Just understand there is no batch delete and no batch move (and not even a "select all" function) before you install this hoping to help reduce a collection of images. It's great for 2 or 3 duplicates, but you will tire of this lack of functionality quickly.

Uninstalled quickly.


Version commented on: 1.0.1

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Gets good reviews elsewhere, works well, and there's no sign of it doing anything unexpected... but I'm a little bit bothered that the author is totally anonymous. Not that software couldn't be or isn't released under pseudonyms (and it's understandable if they don't want the hassle of support requests) -- it just feels off.

There's some kind of link with a company called MindGems, since the Duplicate MP3 Finder download link on the website goes to them, and they sell a more professional-looking tool called Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder. Similarly, a download link for Duplicate File Finder is to a PayProGlobal domain.

Anyway... ADPF supports BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG, and offers matches in a list for you to review and delete one at a time, so it's best suited to web finds. It took a couple of minutes on an average machine to analyse 600+ downloaded images, picking up all of the resized variants. It's able to sort by % similarity, so you can easily ignore those that are less so. The only thing I'd really like to see added (apart from perhaps some other common image formats) is an option to batch delete anything with >n% similarity, keeping the file with either the largest size or largest dimensions.

Casual users with a need for this sort of app will probably find it very handy.


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It's totally free and very fast


Works also in Linux (wine)

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Used quite a lot under Linux Mint 17 to clear duplicates from several tens of thousands of pictures. Works fine. Surprisingly fast.