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Beware of the licence policy if you brick or upgrade your computer often!

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Quote from the license agreement: "AVS4YOU Software is licensed on a per computer basis. Each license purchased is bound to one particular computer and allows using AVS4YOU Software on that single computer. If you install and use or reinstall AVS4YOU software on any other computers you will have to purchase an additional license for each computer. If you change a computer, you will have to purchase an additional license. All updates and upgrades for AVS4YOU Software are free for a user throughout the period of AVS4YOU license validity." This means every time you change computer, you need to purchase a new licence. This is a quite unique and backward policy in the industry, and doesn't speak favourably for the company in the day and age when open source software is irresistibly gaining ground.
I bought a licence for AVS several years ago when the above terms were not mentioned (it was UNLIMITED LIFETIME), but now the company (probably bought by greedy sharks a couple of years ago) refuses to let me transfer my licence to my newly acquired computer.
The positive side of their stupid methods of doing business is that I've been looking elsewhere for quality (and preferably open source) software, and there are many fantastic such programs I wasn't aware of. Thank you AVS!

PS furthermore, trying to remove the program from my old machine, there appears to be a bug preventing me to uninstall it. It might be not be a bug, but a deliberate malware that attaches the program to a particular computer. Nasty. AVS didn't reply on the issue so far.


The best out there

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I think this is the best video editor, very easy to use, I can get really good results faster.
I havent try Sony vegas yet, but for now this video editor is the best.


Forget it, this video editor crash too much, specially exporting video...