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Great... it was...

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Paid customer, used happily the products for years, as a fast, sleek, onobtrusive application.
That's the past.
Slow, heavy on resources (not on memory though), obsessive: why a paying customer should be bugged all the time to install Google Chrome and buy new unnecessary features?
This is the present.
Hope that someone sees a brighter future, since I preferred giving in my multi-year, multi-PC license, just fed up.
By the way, not using Google Chrome, I can't even compile their on-line form to explain why I decided to uninstall it from all the PCs. That form doesn't work with another mainstream browser.


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Avast is the Webcam Shield that protects your system. This vital instrument allows you to completely design access to your webcam, to prevent Toms from seeing you while using your webcam. Webcam Shield allows you to control what your camera uses. You can even activate all applications to require authorization before they can access your webcam.