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Automatic Mouse and Keyboard Reviews

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  1. Invoking mouse clicks (single, double, clicks the right mouse button, ...)

  2. Invoking keyboard keys, calling the various configurations of keys, such as CTRL + SHIFT + ... or, copy to clipboard

  3. Operation/action in a single cycle can be run periodically, alternately and randomly, it is possible to use conditional statements

  4. Run external applications, processes

  5. Support for shutdown and reboot the system. Shutdown process with a specific name

  6. Sounds supports

  7. Support keyboard shortcuts

  8. Clicker can be minimize to the system tray

  9. Reminder - built-in:

  10. Play sound at specific time

  11. Open url address at specific time

  12. Supports conditional statement

  13. No installation required (zip file)

... and much more

Auto Mouse Clicker are tools that click your mouse buttons automatically at preset intervals. Free Mouse Auto Clicker is a simple utility that single-clicks or double-clicks your right or left mouse button at intervals ranging from hours to fractions of a second. It runs unobtrusively, with a System Tray icon you can click to call it up. It also starts and stops hotkeys.

CLICKER is the most advanced mouse and keyboard app, automate program. CLICKER program has many features and is dedicated for Microsoft Windows OS with .Net Framework 2 installed. With this app You can call a different mouse click, write text, open the website (url), restart or turn off the pc - all at the specified time. Its fully programmable. Just create a list of commands and invoke them in multiple cycles. You can remote mouse and keyboard keys, manage windows state and run processes at specific time. This mouse program and keyboard program help You automate your work.

Random time between Actions/Operation and between cycles (list of actions). Clicker is Fully programmable, easy to use and user friendly. Support conditional statement. We guarantee ... compared to competitive or similar software ... that this app is free of spyware or any virus code. The data entered into this app are not transmitted through the network. Clicker can be minimize to the system tray and work in background.