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Awesome for remapping and customization of shortcuts

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AutoHotkey is awesome for remapping of the keyboard and for customization of shortcuts and so much more.. It is script based, but quite easy to handle the basics of it.


Great program, mandatory install!

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I use autohotkey for tons of things, my most common usage honestly is for using emojis easily with simple lines such as
::djam::?(¬¦_¦)? ??

I also love to use it for simple macros ingames and moving around keys that are otherwise a pain to move! (Want to use some Win+X hotkey? Hehe simpler than you think).

I've also worked out a few scripts/bots for games using it and it makes such things super simple, I'd recommend it for any sort of hotkeys, scripts and other such things that don't require the power of a full featured language.

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I use AutoHotkey in some way at least once every several seconds when I am on my computer. I use hotkeys, of course, but also timers which maintain my applications and tweak Windows as I see fit. It is quite literally the only reason I still use a Windows-based desktop.

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Someone actually managed to write an AutoHotkey IDE using only AutoHotkey:

I heard you like scripts…

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In the usual comparison vs AutoIt3, Autohotkey has a pretty horrible syntax (%%, = or := declaration, differents/problems, auto-type variables that means often error; ="" means equal to double duoble-quote char, StringSplit strange output parameters, unintuitive default value, duplicate if commands with different syntax [IfEqual, IfLessOrEqual,...], space between function name and its parenthesis parameter make different thing from what you want (but doesn't give error), procedure and functions have different parameter syntax), automatic space & tab trim from start of variables value [need an option to turn off], VERY strange/messy GUI parameters event/function (some divided with space, other by comma; the first letter of the name of the function or label must have a specific letter [v, g] only in declaration,...)


Pretty much does everything

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Just see what Tom scott says about it

enough said

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Require Understanding in Syntax which is not user friendly

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Amazing! Needs to have Linux support though!


AutoHotKey is awesome, but my new job gave me a Mac...

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I LOVE AutoHotKey. It expanded strings for me. It moved windows around and resized them. It added the hotkeys that developers forgot. AutoHotKey is a marvel and, amazingly, it's free. I could even, somewhat painfully, create a GUI with it if I wanted to.

But now I'm on a Mac full time and there's no equivalent. Finally forced to deal with it the best I've done is replace it with a half-dozen different tools.

Spectacle (free) or Divvy ($) can move windows around and resize them. Options are limited, but I'm finding them adequate for now.

KeyRemap4MacBok (free) will... remap keys. Mainly to move cmd-q to cmd-shift-q so I'll stop closing my browser when I meant to close a tab.

BetterTouchTool (free) has added the back/forward gestures that were missing from Finder and seems to have a LOT more functionality that I haven't checked out yet.

Typinator ($) or TextExpander ($) will expand text although there are some issues with Mac's "secure keyboard mode" and applications (especially Chrome) that don't it turn it off when they're done with it. Typinator is winning this battle so far and their support was very quick to respond and fix my issue with one app that it wouldn't work with.

It's not perfect but it's the best I've found so far.

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Unusable for normal users who just want to use macros

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you have to be a certified and experienced programmer in order to be able to use this utility. This thing doesn't even have a GUI.


This is exactly why we created AlomWare Actions - it's easy automation without needing a programming degree. Sure, it can't compete with AutoHotKey's advanced scripting, but that's the point. Sometimes you just want things created quickly and easily in step-by-step form that your mother can understand. :)

Of course. Power users (AHK's target market) are usually capable of some scripting.

To be able to use this program to its fullest, I agree that being an experienced programmer is necessary. However, using it as a simple text expander is very simple. For example, the following saved as filename.ahk and then started via double-click will expand "#em" whenever it is typed to ""


Also, the syntax is very simple as far as advanced programming is concerned.

Virus detected by

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I scan the installation file downloaded from official site and get virus detectected by

Any idea why malware is detected here?


Detection rate is 1/56.
AutoHotKey is a lot of users are using, there is no report of malware infection.
I think false detection.

That's an heursitic detection. Heuristic means the AV detected something suspicious in the behavior of the program, but nothing that matches a known malware signature. Such false positives are not really surprising given that AutoHotkey is designed to intercept user input and such.
And one out of 56 is really insignificant.