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The sound, only the sound

Audivarna + is now compatible Windows 10 (since june 2018) and it’s my new favorite music player.

The +:

  1. best sound I?heard from my PC (ibasso DX 90 DAC). I own HQPlayer (but my computer is not young enough to use the 64 bits version so difficult to compare) and JRiver. My previous favorite player for the sound was the free Album Player. Audivarna delivers a clear and energic sound, very detailed. I did not hesitate long before buying it.
  2. relative good price. You pay once for a lifetime license. And you can test it for free 2 weeks.
  3. clear and simple interface. Favorites are very easy to reach. It’s build for the simplest experience when you launch your music
  4. quick library launching
  5. automatic recognition of the DAC
  6. only sound in mind
  7. Android and Mac remote application (but not free)

The -:

  1. not usual configuration management for Windows users (they are not set in a single page and you have to check different icons)
  2. basic tag management. I prefer a lot the JRiver system.
  3. lacks some features in the Windows version relative to the Mac version (january 2019)
  4. support seems not very quick for simple question (I’m still waiting for a forum inscription validation)
  5. only sound in mind

I cannot review the network feature but I saw my Internet/Wifi radio was recognized without any problem. Audivarna + manages Qobuz, Tidal and VirtualVault.

It’s the best player for Windows in my opinion relative to sound. But don’t expect to manage easily a music library with it. So one star cut.