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This is a really great tool. I have a large audio collection that I had to sort in multiple file formats. This tool works as advertised and really "listens" to the audio data rather than comparing any file properties. The best thing of all is that it also keeps a sort of cache of the scanned data and scanning the library again takes seconds and it detects if the files are modified or not and scans only the new/modified files. Overall very good tool and I definitely recommend it. I saw the other guy was complaining, but I never had issues with the support team - they are quite helpful.


Deceiving Support, Stay away...

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Sure, Audiodedupe does the job quite ok, even if it comes along with some mistakes, but not worse than the other software I tried.
The big problem start when you need support with the program. I have experienced it and they showed their greedy side. Less then 2 years ago, I bought a licence and needed some help after a severe system crash.
I got two answers to my request: one was a lie about some fictive instructions (I still have that “instruction” mail so I could check) and that I must buy a new licence...
The second response said it was all my fault since I unsubscribed from the newsletter (yeah, sure, I will read ALL newsletter from ALL the services I buy from the internet).
So folks: if you buy AudioDedupe it is at your own risk! For more money, they WILL LET YOU DOWN!
Better stay away …