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Consumes a lot of resources

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Needs a lot of space and system resources to do something way slower than others that I've tested.


Too slow, moved to Visual Studio Code

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Replaced Sublime Text with Atom when Atom came out, however Atom is just so incredibly slow. I ended up replacing it with Visual Studio Code which is much much faster.


It's Still the same ..

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Hey there
I have been using for a few weeks now. Coming from Notepad++ which I used for years!
I must say I'm really impressed with the Interface and the feature set. And for a new project it's handling quite nicely and getting better as it progresses!
With a huge community support represented in Github, it should go the distance!

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Long way to go, no progress made ..

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Resource exhaustive

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It spawns child process just like GChrome does and thus with only a single tab opened it occupies 220MB in private memory! And unlike SublimeText, which starts instantly, this takes a couple of seconds to make the first visual contact.

P.S. I'm using Windows 8.1

Opens in two seconds on Ubuntu!

I didn' t use atom until now because of that, but now atom is a lot better.
It is a bit slow when launching, but is a lot more powerful and beautiful that Sublime Text.
Atom with plugins are just Powerful !

In a second on my system - Xubuntu

Maybe is because Sublime is written in C++ and Python... idk!!!???

V8 (javascript) engine is still not as fast as C++ / Python, but the team are optimising really fast...

If atom is slow, just desactive the plugins. Some plugins make it very slow.
I still use it and don't want another one.

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It can be the best editor for you, if you have a PC with a lot of memory.
If you use a notebook, please forget it, becouse it drains the battery extremely

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There is room for performance improvement.

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Awesome community of developers. Stupid amount of plugins. Very easy to use


Better than Visual studio code in some aspects

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I needed a live-server to debug javascript code and visualstudio codes was just a nightmare of problems getting a 3rd party extension to work.

Atom server's extension (atom-live-server) worked out of the box in 5 minutes


Very good text editor

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One of the best text editors, use it a lot. Quite big file size but I can work around it. Sometimes package manager can get buggy too.


Better than Sublime Text

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This is one of the best if not the best text editor out there.


  • Plugin system is amazing
  • Super easy system for themes
  • Plays well with just about any language
  • Constantly getting better with updates
  • Works with Github, because it's made by Github
  • Cross platform
  • Has a Vim Mode via plugin


  • Doesn't have a supported version for 32-bit Linux system officially
  • Chugs a little when using menus
  • Doesn't seem to make me toast, yet...

If you're looking for a free and opensource text editor that does all the things that Sublime Text does, use Atom. If you don't like it you can always do what they say and just "hack it". They made the whole thing to be changed to your preferences. Mine are pretty simple, but yours might not be. If your tastes are more complex, this editor will definitely satisfy.


Great text editor and getting better and more efficient every release

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It's unfair to negatively review new software without coming back and trying it again. Windows 8.1 64-bit and Atom is now using 27MB of RAM with 1 tab open. Startup speed on Windows isn't quite optimal yet, but it's listed as a priority now for the team.


Not good editor

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Atom editor is a copy of sublime text, we know this, but this editor isn't good editor.
A big problem of this editor is that not have a intellisense autocompletion of your code.
Impossible to have an autocomplete of your php class and other.
Not good.
I stay on sublime text he is better than of atom, no doubt.

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I'm pretty sure that you can use the package that has that functionality. Hence one of the main features of the editor.