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This program is slowly sinking into neglect and abandonment since 2011.

ASuite comes in two editions ...

  1. v1.x.x
  2. v2.x.x

Both are BETA status except for v1.5.1.2 last full release in 25-May-2008
The developer last promised to finish new v2.0 BETA in 2011 ... but it has never happened.

If you are looking for a compact GUI (IMO) v1.5.12 is the better choice.
Younger v1.5.2 beta has bugs
v2 wins my ugly award, with an [x] at the foot of the UI that "Quits" ASuite, and does not just close the window

I have been using v1.5.12 for the past 11 years on various machines with no problems.
I did not want flashing lights; bells.n.whistles; xmas.tree that competed for
There are plenty of flashy launchers on the net, if that is your thing

ASuite launches, folders, files, URLs, applications
Portable and installer available
Win-7 PRO x64 and x32 (5 machines)